Are you curious why you are seeing references to mind, body, and spirit everywhere lately? If you are, it is because this triad of words are so important and having them all in alignment is essential for a balanced life. I think after the challenges with a world pandemic, many people realized that staying strong, focused, and grounded, starts within. Since we cannot control viruses, how people live and act, the status of our job, the economy, and much more, we need to find what we do have control over. And, mainly, that is our attitude, perception, responses, reactions, routines, what we put in our body, what we do for recreation, our relationships, and the love we give ourselves and others. This is where an aligned mind, body and spirit will come into play.

Why This Blog Post?:

This blog post is intended to serve two purposes. The first is to inform you of a six-month plan to bring you valuable content regarding your mind, body, and spirit. Each topic will be discussed in detail for two months, consisting of a new blog post and video twice per month. A free resource (in the form of a free downloadable PDF document) will be provided for each area as a way to help instill the message. It will also give you an exercise to work on for each topic to help move you towards a well-balanced life.

The second purpose is to share with you the deep connection between a person’s mind, body, and spirit and the importance of them all being in alignment. This is what today’s blog will cover. Welcome! I am glad you are here.

Let me start by giving both a Google search definition and my translation for each word, which will set the foundation for how they are all connected.


Google definition: 1. The element of a person that enables them to be aware of the world and their experiences, to think, and to feel; the faculty of consciousness and thought; 2. A person’s intellect; 3. A person’s attention.

My translation: Your mind is the foundation for everything. This is where your thoughts and beliefs, perceptions and understanding, attitude and way you process information comes from. Your mind creates your reality as it is the beliefs you have that create your future. Specifically, positive mind = positive life and negative mind = difficult life.


Google definition: 1. The physical structure of a person or an animal, including the bones, flesh, and organs.

My translation: Your body is what gets you around in life physically. Just as you would want a sturdy, reliable car that has a full tank of gas, freshly aired tires, a recent oil change, and all its mechanicals working properly to take you from Point A to Point B on a very busy highway, the same goes for your body. The more efficient and operable your body is will be a reflection on your everyday life. Yes, a part of this statement is about being in shape and not being overweight so you are healthy, more flexible, and quicker. But, it is also about getting enough rest so you stay sharp and rejuvenated, drinking enough water so you stay hydrated and energized, and moving your body so you stay limber to reduce your risk of getting hurt or pulling a muscle. Lastly, how you feel on the inside is reflected on the outside.


Google definition: 1. The nonphysical part of a person which is the seat of emotions and character; the soul; 2. Those qualities regarded as forming the definitive or typical elements in the character of a person, nation, or group or in the thought and attitudes of a particular period.

My translation: Your spirit is your aura, vibe, essence, and the energy that you exude. Your spirit is felt by you and others. To a degree, your spirit is part of your personality. I am sure you have all felt someone’s presence before. It is almost as if you feel it before they enter the room and even after they have left the room. If it is someone with a light and positive energy, the feeling is joyous, excited, high-energy, and fun. When it is someone with a dark and negative energy, the air simply feels heavy. I can almost assure you that when you feel that type of energy from another person, their mind and body are in a challenging place as well!

Why Mind, Body, and Spirit?:

It is because of my translations above that I believe the work to get your mind, body and spirit in alignment is in the order as listed. It must start with your mind because this is the foundation. Just as the foundation of a 3-story building, the foundation of your mind must be strong, positive, and fully equipped to hold the other two areas up firmly. With a strong mind you realize that your body must be strong, too, in order for you to accomplish all that you desire and all that you have envisioned for your life. Strong in this sense means with strength, but also agility and stamina to keep going to be, do, have, and give all that you desire. Then, lastly – and it is not because it is least important! – is spirit. I feel that if the first two are strong, a person’s positive and energetic aura will naturally follow.

It is important to have all three areas as even as possible and as often as possible. However, there may be times that two help to support one. An example of this is if there is a sickness, whether minor or serious. At this time, the body would not be functioning at its optimal level, so it is important for the other two areas to support it and lift it up. Have you ever heard that if you have a weak back, it is important to build up your core muscles? Although they are two different parts of the body, the two areas counter balance and support one another. Therefore, if one is weak, but if you build up the other one, it helps to offset the weaker muscle. This is no different with your mind, body, and spirit.

What Next?:

We will dive deeper into each of these words as the weeks go on. I will be using my training as a hypnotherapist to share even more information regarding the mind, including the subconscious and conscious mind. With my certification as a health coach and someone who personally lost 50 pounds in 5 months, including reducing my glucose number from 107 to 72 and my cholesterol number from 264 to 165, I will share a lot of information about creating a healthy body. Then, lastly, as a life coach, I will be able to share valuable information about a person’s spirit. So, stay connected with BU2BFULL through my social media channels and my newsletter so you don’t miss any of this valuable information.

Don’t Forget Your Free Download!:

In the meantime, be sure to download your free copy of my “7 Steps to Mind Your Mind” guidebook. This document is intended to get your mind focused and sharp. This starts with an activity to envision and write out your absolute best life and all the details surrounding it. With a clear vision of what you desire and why, and strategies on how to keep focused and moving in that direction, by the time we get to the body and spirit sections of this three-part series, you will have a solid vision in your mind of what you desire. This will include proven practices to develop strong habits for a healthy mind.

There is also a YouTube version of this blog post that you can see here if you desire:

Until the next blog, may you be well, happy, hopeful, and strong in mind!