What does it mean to live your best life possible?

No one can answer that question but you. However, from all the gazillion self-improvement books that I have read, in my opinion, it can be boiled down to six key factors. Before we move on — if you check out my Facebook page (click on the FB icon in the footer of this front page), or search for it on FB by BU2BFULL, you will see a large list of the books in my collection and what I would recommend.

  1. Give love so you can receive love. This is in the romantic sense, friend sense, co-worker sense, and family sense. And any other “sense” that I left out. You get what you give in this life. If you can feel love, show love, be loving, and be open to love, love will find you. Try it.
  2. Do something for a living that you enjoy. If you are thinking, “but basket weaving doesn’t pay the bills!”, please hear me out. When looking for a job be diligent about finding a career that satisfies you with the same measure you place on salary, hours of work, and benefits. Yes, I know all of those things are very important, but remember that you will be spending at least 8 hours a day at this career. Therefore, your DESIRE for the work is just as important, and that is what is going to sustain you long after you have adjusted to your paycheck. If this is not fully possible, look for something that comes close to your passion until you can find something that truly matches your passion. Another option is to find a career that utilizes your strengths and can fill you up from that perspective.
  3. Have no regrets in the choices that you make. If you make your decisions from your heart and your gut, you will have very little to regret anyway. My advice is to always go with your gut. I heard one time that your first instinct is God speaking, and your second thought is the devil speaking. Think about the times that you went with your gut and how well things went. Also, think about the times that you second guessed something to death and it turned out to be horrible. When you do things for the right reasons, things do fall into place!
  4. Know who you are and what makes you tick. Are there some things that you want to change about yourself? If so, not only determine what those are but determine WHY you want to change. Also give some consideration as to WHY you might be a certain way, because when you have a deeper understanding of its roots, it is easier to ruthlessly tear them up, or to water them and watch them grow. While trying to make a change in your life, write it down. There is something magical that happens when words move from your brain and out through your hand. Write it in the from of a goal that you can measure. When you have success, reward yourself. If you have a set back, forgive yourself, but immediately get back at it! Keep your goals in front of you so you see them every day. This makes them more realistic. (I tape mine to the inside of my bathroom mirror and read them while I am brushing my teeth).
  5. Live your life and let others live theirs. Do not let others’ actions, words, or anything else bother you and take it personally. Whatever is going on is their issue and not yours. Is this easier said than done? Of course it is, but once you can do this regularly you save yourself a ton of heartache. I just heard a story about a person who received an incredibly volatile reaction from a person she was standing in line with when she was simply trying to make small talk with her. The volatile reaction was completely out of line and one that either makes you gasp from shock and possibly cry to wanting to punch the person in the face to ultimately feeling sorry for the person. The person telling the story felt sorry for the person because she realized to have that much pent up anger there was clearly something going on in this person’s life. Absolutely nothing to take personal. The other funny little thing about the story is how the person admitted that in her 20s she would have gasped and ran off crying; in her 30s she would have slapped the lady; and then in her 40s is when she took a step back and realized how miserable this person must be inside and she actually felt sorry for her. Interesting how we view things differently as we get older.
  6. Don’t be a dick. Ok. I don’t think any of the books I have read said these exact words, so I will. A friendlier way to say it might be, “because nice matters!” It does! When you are nice to people they are nice back and they wish nice things for you. When you are a dick, people are dicks back to you and they wish dick-like things back on you. That is called karma or what-comes-around-goes-around. It take the same amount of energy to smile as it does to frown, but the difference is that smiles make the world go around. Please try it.

These are the things I have focused on throughout my life, and they have helped me immensely. I wish you luck as you determine what your 6 things are, or how you will apply the 6 things I have found to work for me.

Love and blessings,

Connie Jo

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