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"axe self-sabotaging behavior & invest  yourself to enjoy the difference!"

"Axe Self-Sabotaging Behavior & Invest in Yourself to Enjoy the Difference!" A lot of people ask me the "how to" to this question. In fact, I wrote a whole chapter in my book answering this question. You can access it free right now. click the button to open and print.

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My coaching philosophy:

Believing in getting to the root issue and treating the whole person, which is mind, body, and spirit, I am well equipped to provide support since I am a hypnotherapist (mind), health coach (body), and life coach (spirit). 

I offer my expertise as a lifestyle designer to help the over-whelmed take control of life to more confidently and courageously live the life you imagined so you can move from reacting to life to owning life!

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A little about my professional experience: I am a certified life coach with Life Purpose Institute, a certified hypnotherapist with the National Guild of Hypnotists, a hypnosis training instructor, a health coach, author, and keynote presenter, and a person with 30 years of corporate and non-profit managerial experience. I am also an ordained minister.

Disclaimer: Hypnosis is a stand-alone, self-regulated profession and not a licensed medical profession. Hypnosis and Coaching is a natural and focused process to help you achieve the results you desire. Results vary and are different for each individual because we all have different life experiences. Your success will be contingent upon: your ability to follow instructions, personal follow through, and your desire for change. You are responsible for your experience and Connie Jo Holmes and BU2BFULL, Inc. do not accept responsibility for your experience. By reading content on this website or using these services, you agree to hold harmless Connie Jo Holmes and BU2BFULL, Inc. Hypnotherapy is not designed to be a replacement for medical assistance. If you are need of medical assistance, please contact your appropriate medical or psychiatric professional.