Are you being held back in your life? This can happen in a variety of ways: disrespectful relationships, life-sucking jobs, draining friendships, and negative thoughts in your own mind. All of those examples are unhealthy environments. Sometimes these situations are temporary. Sometimes they are intentional. When they are the latter, it is a stagnant environment that does not encourage growth.

I think oftentimes people forget we are one with nature and with Mother Earth. Just like trees grow, flowers bloom, garden plants pop through the soil, all four seasons make their appearance, and the sun rises and sets…humans are intended to grow and evolve too!

So when we are in an environment where growth is diminished, we need to remember the light we possess in our own souls. Shine that light that is inside of you. Start shining it in your mind first, finding all the negative words, thoughts, and behaviors that hide in the shadows, allowing you to think the stagnant soil is ok. Put your light on them to expose their darkness. Once your inner light is turned on again, you are better able to see where fertile soil is for you to begin to grow again. Find it first in your mind, then your heart.

We smile when we see our favorite flower open towards the light, when our favorite season rolls around, and when our plants sprout up through the soil. Remember that we are no different. When we are planted in fertile soil, there is no stopping us. Smile at yourself as you watch your growth.

~Connie Jo Holmes