I just had the neatest coincidence that I have to share. As silly as the main story in this post may be (it is about a mop head!), it is weirdly odd.  A couple of weeks ago I was mopping my kitchen floor and realized that it was on its last leg and needed a new mop head/sponge on the end. I set the mop to the side and told my husband that we needed a new head/sponge for it, so the next time one of us was out and about we need to pick one up. I kept forgetting about it when I was out.  My husband had put it in his truck thinking he would get to it, then took it out of his truck when he needed the room, then repeated this a couple of times. Long story short, neither of us got around to getting a new head/sponge. And in the meantime, my floor is disgusting, but that is another story….

Tonight on my way home I listened to two back-to-back YouTube videos about asking for what you want in life. The first one I listened to was about talking to God and boldly asking him for what you want in life.  The person telling the story in the video talked about how she has had great success in her life, and at different points people would ask her if she was surprised about the huge accomplishments she had made. Her answer is that she is forever grateful and expresses that, but she is not surprised about the success because it is exactly what she had envisioned and asked for.

The second video featured the same person and focused on how you can also boldly ask another person or an organization for something. As the old saying goes, “if you don’t ask you can’t receive.” The story she told on this video was that her family went to the same resort every year for vacation. When they arrived for vacation this year they decided to ask management if they could get a discount on their room since they were such loyal customers. In addition to getting a discount, they were upgraded to a suite and were charged the lowest room rate the resort had. They never would have received this if they didn’t decide to boldly ask for it. They had nothing to lose.

The message in both of these videos was that you need to know that you are deserving of what you are asking for, show immense gratitude when you do receive it in full or in part, and that you ask for it boldly and with full confidence. So for the last 10 minutes of my commute home, I shut off the radio and the YouTube video and simply talked to God, boldly asking him for what I want in my life and why. On one thing where I am a bit stuck, I asked for guidance or a sign on which direction to go. It was a lovely drive home.

As I pull into my driveway, my husband was outside and came to my car to greet me home with a kiss. We walked inside together and he proudly showed me all of his “scores” from his garage sale adventures today.  I absolutely shit you not — one of his purchases was a box full of 9 mop head/sponges for the exact mop that we have. If that couldn’t possibly be crazy enough, he paid 25 cents a piece! He reminded me how he has been driving around with the goofy mop in his truck as a reminder and that today, when he least expected it, he comes across an entire box at a garage sale….for next to nothing.  I laughed out loud and told him about the motivational messages that I was listening to on the way home and it was about “ask and you shall receive” and here I come home and am immediately reminded about the truth of this message.

Granted, we are talking about a mop head here, I know! However, I will like to think that this was God’s way of immediately showing me how if you put something out into the universe that it has its way of finding you.

So now I guess I have no excuse but to mop my floor, but be assured that I will be expressing my gratitude for that opportunity. Most importantly, I believe I will spend the entire time boldly asking God for what I want in my life and why because you need to continually ask….and he is a really great guy to talk to!

Love and Blessings,

Connie Jo Holmes