Ask Yourself Why

Every time you say or think “can’t” you are adding a bar to the prison you are creating for yourself. Open your mind, test things out, explore, be curious, forget about caring what other people will think, and follow your heart.

Every time you step outside of the perceived “comfort zone” you have created for yourself you realize how much life there is to live. Once you breathe different air, see different sights, feel different feels, experience different opportunities, and develop new perspectives, you realize just how uncomfortable that iron cage you thought was your comfort zone actually was.

For whatever is keeping you imprisoned in your mind right now, I challenge you to ask yourself, “why” for every reason you come up with. Keep challenging every response you have with another, “why” until you either get to a “solid reason” that will allow you to sleep well at night OR until you dig so deep you sweep away every excuse or negative thought you have ever used.

When you sweep it all away (because you will!) laugh at how silly it was. The laughter sets a new stage of joy, success, happiness, fulfillment, and abundance for which you now live and expand beyond that rusty old cage that imprisoned your mind, thoughts, and behaviors.

Enjoy your new view and freedom!

With love,
Connie Jo Holmes