Everything that happens to us is either a blessing or a lesson. Lessons sometimes sting at the moment, but when we grow and evolve through them, they can sometimes be viewed as a blessing eventually.

A way to ensure your growth and evolution through pain is to share with others once you have come out the other side. When your experiences can help others, you and your original lesson can be a blessing for them. Everything comes full circle.

One of my favorite and most amazing hypnosis protocols is reframing negative emotions. Clients can use their subconscious mind to discover learnings from specific events so they can hold on to the learning and release the negative emotions connected with the event. It is extremely powerful, and this image reminds me that all of our life experiences shape who we are today. Reminding us every day that our attitude, perspective, and desires define the life we live.

I tell people who have experienced cruddy events at the hand of others that certain events happened TO you, but they do not DEFINE you.

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Written and shared with love.

~Connie Jo Holmes