Sometimes in life, you need to punt, be resourceful, and dig a bit deeper to find a solution to your challenge. No one can do this for you but you.

Does that seem scary, daunting, or concerning? It usually is the first time or two. However, just like anything hard in life, you are building muscle, and it gets easier, better, and more efficient over time. When you cry for help, take an easy way out, or moan and stay stuck, you are cheating yourself of growth by not building your resilience muscle.

Resilience is having a need or desire greater than any obstacle that may stand in your way. Resilience gets shit done. Resilience is the difference between a “meh” life and an empowered life.

Some people strive for an easy life. I get it. However, easy is earned. ***Easy happens after you know what hard looks and feels like so you can appreciate the easy.*** This is why a cold beer is offered after a race.

Getting to an easy life starts with doing work, being resourceful, and becoming resilient. The beautiful part is the life lesson and personal education you give yourself along the way. An education or lesson is never wasted and can never be taken away from you. It can also be a gift when taught to others.

So, take the first step. Dig deep. Find solutions. Grow, learn, and evolve. Find a solution to your challenge.