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NOW YOU CAN COPY MY Formula for where I get nearly 50% of my clients while creatively building A content library

I will share with you the five areas where I get my clients. I will show in detail two of them, which get me nearly 50% of my clients! All this while also building an incredible reputation and a massive content library!

When I see and hear coaches and other similar service-based business owners ask others, "where do you find clients?" I do NOT hear anyone talking about this space. I am sure people are using it, but it is not mentioned in the responses and blogs that I see. Also - and regardless - I have been using this for three years and have mastered a success model that I can share with you.

Not only am I getting clients through this, but I can't even begin to tell you how incredibly vast my content library is. If anyone were to ask me to give a presentation or talk on a specific topic, I could do it in a moment's notice because of my intellectual property I have created. I am also using this space in many other ways that increase my visibility as well as add to my revenue source.

Also, I recently moved to a new city and state and have done some strategic networking that has brought in 19% of my clients. I will also share with you these strategies as well. Even if you are seeing clients online (the majority of my clients are online), finding people "in your own backyard" is fine, too! The strategies I have used, and will share with you, will show you how.

 In this 2-hour webinar I will share with you information on the five areas where I get my clients. With two of them, I will go into detail and show you my exact process. With one of them, you will find that it is also an easy and creative way to 1) build your content library; 2) create lead magnets; 3) develop an environment for potential clients to know, like, and trust you, and so much more!

This webinar will show you not only WHERE I am finding clients, but HOW I am finding them.

It will also show you SEVERAL different ways to GROW your business from the inside, which will help you to find and secure clients in the future.

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Who is This Learning Opportunity For?

Entrepreneurs frustrated with not finding their ideal client.

Business owners who don't have their own content but want to develop it for future use.

Service providers who are looking to stand out from the crowd.

Business owners desiring to make an impact.

Service providers who desire for a higher conversion rate between consultation call and securing the client.

Business owners who see clients in person, online, or both.

Entrepreneurs who desire to grow their business.

I've put my entire formula into this course so you can copy my success

Here is what you will learn:

Creative and unique ways to find potential clients

Low cost ideas that get you noticed while building your reputation

An easy system to have potential clients know, like, and trust you

A method to build your presentation skills

A system to massively build your content library

An easy way to develop lead magnets to build your audience

A value-add resource for clients

A way to stand out from the crowd while building an incredible reputation

The give, give, get strategy

I created this webinar for you!

Connie Jo Holmes is the Founder and CEO of BU2BFULL Hypnosis and Coaching. Her mission is in her company name: BU (self-acceptance) 2B FULL (to live a fulfilled life). Intentionally spelled as it is so it resembles the word beautiful because, when individuals think better they feel better and they do better. 

Within her company, she is an award-winning hypnotherapist, master life coach, health coach, published author, keynote speaker, certified hypnosis trainer, workshop facilitator, and retreat hostess.

She has specialized training in anxiety and panic as well as with reframing negative emotions. Connie teaches individuals how to confidently and courageously move from reacting to life to owning your life. 

In October 2022 she was named “Hypnotist of the Year” for outstanding leadership in the hypnosis profession from the Mid-America Hypnosis Convention, the longest-standing hypnosis convention celebrating its 39th year. In 2023 she will be the keynote presenter at the International Certification Board of Coaches and Hypnotists. She also has been a keynote presenter at a corporate annual meeting and a non-profit retreat.

Connie has a wide variety of corporate experience across non-profits, manufacturing, and family business. In these roles she served as the executive director for a private foundation, family governance manager, associate director of community relations, and a co-chair of a national council. In these roles, Connie mastered her skills with volunteer management, governance structure, community relations, project management, strategic planning, and leadership. All of these skills are brough forth in the work that she does with individuals and businesses.

The values from which Connie lives and works are: integrity, thankful, openness, drive, commitment, and capable. She resides in Janesville, WI.

Registering for this webinar will also include:

Here are the four bonus items!

Additional Ideas on how to add additional revenue streams.

My FREE e-book titled, "5 Must Do's Before Your Side Hustle Becomes Your Successful Career."

FREE access to a pre-recorded webinar titled, "Creating Your ideal week for optimum attention management."

FREE access to a pre-recorded webinar titled, "Three Steps to Ensure Resilience as an Empowered Entrepreneur."

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now only $199







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What people have to say about Connie Jo Holmes with BU2BFULL Hypnosis and Coaching:

True Expert

Connie is a true expert in coaching to reach your full potential! She is professional, knowledgeable, and her warm spirit fills the room. I have had two workshops with her coaching my company team and we have all walked away with "real" tools to use for our life journey. She is amazing!

Carrie R


Connie has a way about her, that everyone can relate to her and what she's teaching. Her desire to pursue this dream of hers is very evident in the workshop. I wish I knew her many years ago. I'd be a much smarter and happier person. But, it's never too late!

Arnetta M


I appreciate Connie's personalized approach to coaching and the variety of skills and techniques that she draws on to help her clients achieve their goals. My sessions were tailor-made for the real time goals and challenges that came up during our sessions, and I walked away with tools and a mindset that will last a lifetime.

Sandra P


Absolutely a 5-star experience with BU2BFULL Hypnosis and coaching. I recently attended one of her retreats and afterwards felt refreshed, clear in my focus, and inspired to move forward. If you are looking for clarity in life, check out her Facebook page.

Carole P


Connie is just amazing. She really cares about people and has the very best listening skills. When you talk to Connie she gives 100% all the time. I have learned so much and I am thankful that she came into my life when I really needed direction and coaching.

Meg F

SO Worth It!

I absolutely loved Connie's seminar that I attended today. Not only did I walk out of there feeling inspired, but I also walked away with a while new attitude on life! I would give 10 stars if I could! If you're considering doing a retreat, don't hesitate one bit! SO worth it!

Kelsey M

Lasting Effect

Connie was amazing to work with. Her positivity and belief in her work shines through. Each session I had with Connie made me more determined to achieve my goals. She helped me to address my negative view of myself. She used my own experience and words to give me a different perspective on life. If I am feeling down I remember her words and it gets me out of my funk. She introduced me to techniques I'd never heard of before. The sessions I've had with Connie has had a lasting effect. I would highly recommend Connie's services.

Alice D

Incredibly Thorough

I have worked with several coaches over the years, but I never received the results that I received from working with Connie. She is incredibly thorough, detail oriented, and goes above and beyond to help you. She is kind, professional, and listens carefully to learn what results you are wanting to achieve. Loved working with Connie, and I plan on working with her again in the future.

Karen H

Valuable Strategies

I have utilized hypnotherapy in the past and found it to be beneficial. However, completing the coaching session prior to the hypnotherapy proved to be invaluable. Connie was able to help me to better understand my challenges and give me insights that I hadn't had before. This helped to make the hypnotherapy session more personal and pertinent to my goals. She also provided very valuable strategies in addition to the hypnosis to help me achieve my goals. I am very impressed with Connie's methods, insights, and abilities and couldn't be happier with the end results. I highly recommend Connie for whatever life coaching goals you may have. You will be very happy with the results.

Tony R

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A little about my professional experience: I am a certified life coach with Life Purpose Institute, a certified hypnotherapist with the National Guild of Hypnotists, a health coach, and a person with 30 years of corporate and non-profit managerial experience.

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