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I can help you. I help businesses develop themselves
and/or its employees for leadership, confidence, and
emotional intelligence.

I have supported large corporations in a consulting role, including event planning and mentorship program build-out. I have also worked with small businesses with workshops and retreats as well as assisting them with business value creation and the development of strategies and tools to ensure the hiring and retention of values-fit employees. I also assist coaches, hypnotists, and similar modalities with starting and growing their business.

My 30 years of corporate managerial and leadership experience supports my expertise with self-leadership, personal organization, attention management, life planning, and strategic goal-execution. With this proficiency, I have served as a corporate consultant, business coach, and have customized a variety of corporate workshops.

Before I ventured into my own business, I held leadership positions at Nissan Forklift, the American Academy of Dermatology, and IDEAL Industries. In these positions, I led the national effort to set a Guinness World Record for the most skin cancer screenings in a single day; served on an advisory panel with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; Co-Chaired the National Council on Skin Cancer Prevention; amplified local giving by increasing participation by 132% and employee donations by 127%; served as the Executive Director for the IDEAL Industries Foundation as well as Family Governance Manager for IDEAL, a 5th generation family owned business.

Corporate Consulting

I have worked with a variety of businesses, ranging from family-owned businesses to multi-million dollar corporations to small service-based businesses to individuals desiring to be an entrepreneur.  The work has varied, and has included: organizing and facilitating meetings; creating and training a mentorship program; identifying business values and assisting with writing ads and marketing materials, interview questions, and performance reviews to ensure a values-fit; and strategy and execution on how to begin a business and grow a business.

I have also been a keynote presenter at several different organizations, including a non-profit's annual meeting immediately following the pandemic to not only celebrate and honor their work but also to encourage continued focus and care; a non-profit's retreat for women to set the stage for a weekend of rebuilding and resetting themselves for personal growth; an annual conference among my peers. 

I am a regular presenter at a variety of hypnosis conferences throughout the year, sharing my expertise and knowledge with my peers.

In 2022 I was nominated for Rising Star of the Year by the International Coaches Awards out of Australia and I was awarded Hypnotist of the Year by the Mid-America Hypnosis Convention, the longest standing of its kind AND Hypnotherapist of the Year by the Michigan Hypnotherapy Guild in August 2023.

Customized Training Classes and Workshops for Businesses

Leadership at any Level

Learn and understand personal influence and the impact everyone can make, regardless of title. This creates an environment of synergy and respect while growing personal confidence.

Emotional Intelligence

Being able to understand your emotions and see emotions in others and understand them, including how to communicate regarding those emotions, is what make the most effective leaders.

Create a Values-Based Business

Identify your business values and recruit, hire, train, and evaluate for a values-fit. These will provide a clear and consistent foundation for all.

Productive Communication

Learn the vital importance of the words we use, including influential and persuasive language styles. Use the right words at the right times to receive the results you desire.

Strategic Thinking

Understand why strategic thinking is important, how to do it, and how it benefits all. Learn how to plan, how to assess the environment, the fundamentals of implementing and reviewing, and alternative approaches.

Critical Thinking

Learn how to organize information, structure reasoning, consider other factors, identify assumptions, evaluate evidence, and communicate findings to productively impact your life and business. 

Mastering speaking and presentation skills

I will share the strategies of effective and memorable speeches and presentations while building awareness and confidence in the person for every speaking opportunity, including networking, speeches, and presentations.

Mindfulness Mastery

Learn the importance of being mindful and present when working with clients or customers; how this impacts customer service and sales; how to transition yourself from your personal life to entering your work life; and vice versar.

Circle of Excellence

Develop a plan to reach specific goals and identify strategies for continued success, momentum, and execution. This can be done individually, or as a group or department so that all are working towards their best self.

Personality Plus

Participants will have a deeper appreciation of each others through understanding different personality styles, learning how to approach and respond to different personality types, and best practices for working well together.

Attention Management

Living and working from an ideal week is a great way to own your days and stop reacting to your minutes. Learn the difference between time management and attention management, understand time blocking, and learn time-saving tricks.

Staying Positive, Productive, and Empowered During Uncertain Times

Teaching of resiliency skills, positivity practices, mindfulness strategies to ensure focus, momentum, and a sense of community during challenging or uncertain times.

Here's What Others Are Saying About Working With Me

Carrie R

Business Owner of 20 years

Karen H

Aspiring Full-time Entrepreneur

Sandra P

Senior Executive

Connie Jo is a great coach! She brings certified techniques and tools that clients can continue to use and tap into long after the coaching session is done. Connie also has a healthy and positive outlook that is grounded in common sense, so you are empowered to apply your learnings to all aspects of your life. Highly recommend.

Leslie E

Senior Executive

Connie did a great job providing a keynote address and learning opportunity for our region's partner kick off meeting. Her words were impactful, and the message was exactly what we hoped for - appreciation for the past year's work and accomplishments and inspirational and motivational for the year ahead. Highly recommend!

John D


I have had the pleasure to work with Connie Jo Holmes and the services she provides through BU2BFULL, INC over the last year. She leads with a great attitude and executes with a combination of intellect as well as empathy. Connie has led several of our executive meetings as a professional coordinator and strategic planner.

I would highly recommend her for any such services in your organization and am thrilled to give her my 5 star recommendation.

What people have to say about Connie Jo Holmes with BU2BFULL Hypnosis and Coaching:


Connie has helped me in such a deep and impacting way. She is a warm and caring person that guided me through my issues with clarity at the end. The things that were blocking me from being confident and successful no longer exist. The breakthrough she helped me to have will have lifelong positive impact in every area of my life. I can’t thank her enough. I would give her ten stars if I could.

Lorene S

Open Heart

I don’t even know where to begin! Connie is AMAZING at what she does. She creates a safe space, a listening ear and an open heart. She is one of a kind. She will take care of your mind as well as your soul. Big changes have occurred since working with Connie. I will be forever grateful.

Sheena H

Personalized Approach

I appreciate Connie's personalized approach to coaching and the variety of skills and techniques that she draws on to help her clients achieve their goals. My sessions were tailor-made for the real time goals and challenges that came up during our sessions, and I walked away with tools and a mindset that will last a lifetime.

Sandra P


Connie is amazing! She took the time to truly know my needs/goals. Through her, I have a whole new perspective on my life and self worth. Thank You Connie!

Michael M


Connie is just amazing. She really cares about people and has the very best listening skills. When you talk to Connie she gives 100% all the time. I have learned so much and I am thankful that she came into my life when I really needed direction and coaching.

Meg F


Connie is compassionate and insightful. I progressed quickly through my sessions with her to a place of healing and confidence that had been recalcitrant to cognitive behavioral therapy and bodywork.

Margot W

Lasting Effect

Connie was amazing to work with. Her positivity and belief in her work shines through. Each session I had with Connie made me more determined to achieve my goals. She helped me to address my negative view of myself. She used my own experience and words to give me a different perspective on life. If I am feeling down I remember her words and it gets me out of my funk. She introduced me to techniques I'd never heard of before. The sessions I've had with Connie has had a lasting effect. I would highly recommend Connie's services.

Alice D

Incredibly Thorough

I have worked with several coaches over the years, but I never received the results that I received from working with Connie. She is incredibly thorough, detail oriented, and goes above and beyond to help you. She is kind, professional, and listens carefully to learn what results you are wanting to achieve. Loved working with Connie, and I plan on working with her again in the future.

Karen H

Tailored Sessions

Connie is amazing. She takes the time to really get to know you and your expectations for the session(s), then tailors them to fit your needs. On top of that, she is a really cool and caring person who WANTS you to be successful. For me, I quit smoking after one visit. Very spiritual, thought-provoking and relaxing in mind and body. I highly recommend Connie to anyone open to and considering her gifts.

Cinda S

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A little about my professional experience: I am a certified life coach with Life Purpose Institute, a certified hypnotherapist with the National Guild of Hypnotists, a hypnosis training instructor, a health coach, author, and keynote presenter, and a person with 30 years of corporate and non-profit managerial experience. I am also an ordained minister.

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