RESET Yourself After a Setback or Life Change

This is the course to evaluate where you are, where you want to be, and provide clear steps on how to get there!

Life is very similar to a roller coaster. Ups, downs, flips, screams, laughs, tears, excitement, sickness, and picture-taking at the most surprising moment. No matter what roller coaster you were on, and whether you loved it or hated it, you still need a moment to RESET yourself before you go on to the next one.

I have found in my life that this RESET method works for most setbacks in life. Losing a job, having a breakup, not getting that promotion, taking longer than you thought and planned to reach a certain goal, or anything in between. It also works very well if you are a bit stuck or unmotivated. 

What is RESET?

R = remind yourself where you are and where you want to be

E = edit the voice in your head

S = structure your days for success

E = establish personal values

T = take time for your

Imagine learning all of this in the comfort of your own home for just $119! This course includes a detailed e-book, and five learning modules, each with a video and worksheet to help you overcome a setback and start living the life you desire!

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All course materials are self paced in the online learning center.
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This course is optimized for at-home learning. The modules are concise, clear, and will help you RESET at every level. This is intended to go at your own pace.


A 32-page e-book accompanies this course and is laser focused on your success. Learn how to RESET yourself and your life with this step-by-step process!

videos & worksheets

Each module has a video and worksheet for interactive learning to apply the teachings to your own situations.

who should take this course?

Real Life Stories From Previous clients, Event attendees and course participants

To give you a sense of the course instructor's style, energy, skill set, and talent, below are a variety of testimonials from previous clients, event attendees, and course participants hosted and led by the instructor, Connie Jo Holmes.

Hi, I'm carrie...

Our salon team has had a mini-retreat on goal setting, a budget workshop, and an awareness master class with Connie, and I have to say each one of these has been outstanding. We learned new things about each other, set goals for different areas of our lives, created a vision for our future, and so much more! I have also had personal sessions with Connie to dig deep into my values and goals as a company and love the clear vision she brought to life. She brings positivity and a safe space to connect and share. She is a true professional and expert.

from Google review

Hi, I'm Judy...

My husband and I have been working with Connie on several things and she's been wonderful! She's helping us create our business plan, get our finances in tip-toe shape, and figure out our guiding principles. Connie provides so many excellent tools along with expert advice and experience - a killer combo! She's also one of the kindest people you'll ever meet. We highly recommend working with Connie to tap your full potential!

from Google review

Tired of self-Sabotage?

Download my free guide to the techniques that can enrich your life, and change the destructive habits that have help you back. These are real solutions you can start using today!

A little about my professional experience: I am a certified life coach with Life Purpose Institute, a certified hypnotherapist with the National Guild of Hypnotists, a health coach, and a person with 30 years of corporate and non-profit managerial experience.

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