I like to believe we all have a fire burning inside of us. I also love seeing those people stoke that fire every day, and it is what they are doing for a living.

Do you still have a fire inside of you?

What are you doing towards it every day?

Or did you let your fire burn out long ago?

If so, did you try a few things, and they didn’t work out? Keep going! Haven’t you read the stories about inventors that it was on their gazillionth attempt that it worked? Gazillionth is an exaggeration, but the point is that they had two things working for them: 1) they trusted in themselves and their dream; 2) they knew that “failure” is feedback, and they were learning and growing throughout the process.

Or, have you stayed comfortable by clinging to what you already know? The comfort zone crushes dreams! Clinging to what you already know is not doing you, your future, and your potential any favors.

To help me with my dreams, I trust that a higher source gave it to me. That is a gift. I also trust that if I was given the dream, then I must possess the talents to pull it off. When I look at it like this, I view the dream as a “free gift.” I view the brain muscle, stamina, resilience, diligence, attention management, focus, and dedication as my earned gift…the gift that keeps on giving and that I can teach to others.

So, if you are working on your dreams, keep going! If your dreams are a pile of ash buried in the basement, go dig them up again. Open that free gift you were given and enjoy the ride to your earned gift!

~Connie Jo Holmes