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This worksheet will help you to reach your goals with its realistic approach of identifying how most people feel and react at different points along the 66 days of conquering that new habit. With a literal day-by-day checklist to record how you are feeling, this allows you to go back to the more motivated and energetic days when you want to give up. Give it a try. Reach out to me with any questions. Best of luck!

Everything that you do or don’t do starts with you. It may not be what you want to hear, but it is the reality. Do you want a successful life? You need to plan it. Do you want to have a great job? You need to work for it. The good news? You don’t have to do it alone. THIS is what I do and where I can assist you.

As a certified life coach, I listen for where you are and where you want to be, and together we create a roadmap for your success. I assist you by using countless resources and proven strategies and hold you accountable for your success. Successful clients have:

  1. Identified their personal values
  2. Created new daily routines
  3. Found a new job
  4. Learned how to manage as a leader
  5. Moved their family across the country
  6. Moved on after a hard breakup
  7. Reconnected with family after hurt
  8. Launched a new business
  9. Organized their life to be more productive, save money and take vacations
  10. Established values for their small business and developed strategic interview questions from a values-based recruiting perspective

Coaching is working directly with a person to help them reach a goal or goals that they have. Oftentimes people already know what they need or want, but they need an unbiased, non-judgmental person to listen to them and allow them time to talk things out and through. Once the desired outcome has been determined, a life coach helps you create the steps to reach your goal. We hold you accountable. We give you certain tasks to complete before we meet again. We are here to help ensure your success.

As we enter a new year, this is a great time to reset

RESET Your Life

RESET is my signature life coaching program to help you reset your life for whatever success looks like to you by identifying what you want and outlining a plan to reach it. Dedicating one, hour-long session to each letter, and one-hour for a conclusion, this is a 6-session package. These sessions can be done at my home office in Northern Illinois, over the phone, or Zoom. Package price = $475.

Relationship Breakup Recovery

I help you look 12- to 24-months past your breakup so you can successfully rebuild your life and come out a survivor and never a victim! We will focus on what your ideal life will look like post-breakup, identify and set goals to realize your vision, create a personal budget, learn to love yourself through unlovable times, discover how it feels to be independent and self-reliant, and so much more. This is a minimum of 6 sessions, but definitely dependent on your needs. These sessions can be done at my home office in Northern Illinois, over the phone, or Zoom. Package price for 6 sessions = $475. Package price for 8 sessions = $600.  

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Confidence Coaching

Do you desire to take control of your own life and begin living the life of your dreams? As a confidence coach, I work with people who have a drive and passion to be a better version of themselves but don’t know where to start, or need a reminder that they are enough and are deserving of great things in their lives.

As your coach, I start with a thorough intake form to better understand where you are in your life – your highest highs and your lowest lows – in all aspects of your life, including family, career, hobbies, spirituality, and so much more. Once we determine the most appropriate starting point, we will set goals that will be the most impactful for you. As your coach, I help guide, push and direct you towards success as defined by YOU!

I can help you to:

  • Identify your personal values
  • Unlock your deepest desires in life
  • Easy ways to (re)build your self-esteem
  • Learn how to build your confidence
  • Secrets to be comfortable in any situation

These sessions can be done at my home office in Northern Illinois, over the phone, or Zoom. Package price = will be determined based on the desired outcome and estimated necessary sessions.

Review My Calendar... schedule a FREE initial consultation. I look forward to working with you and helping you identify success and reach your goals.