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EnVISION Your Future Self

An empowering workshop where we help bring your dream life to vision with hypnosis to imagine your future self and through creating a "My Soul" canvas.







10:00 AM

(this will end at 9:00 PM)

Location: Stephanie Locchetta Art, 1 Mill Street, Cambridge, WI

Connie and Stephanie are Back for another Collaboration

This time we are bringing to you the experience of a future life progression facilitated by Connie Jo Holmes, an award-winning hypnotherapist and certified life coach and Stephanie Locchetta, an abstract artist and self love and transformation coach and the owner of Stephanie Locchetta Art in Cambridge.


I.  Gathering and Introductions (5 minutes)

II. What to expect for the future life progression (10 minutes)

III. Future life progression experience (1 hour and 15 minutes)

IV. Creating your "My Soul" canvas (1 hour)

V. Sharing of Experience/Connection as a group (30 minutes)

What to Expect

An Experience

Future life progressions are a unique way to attract the life you desire


This will be a group event where we will make new friends and connections


This is an opportunity to learn about yourself as well as to play with painting


Don't worry if you cannot paint, what you create only needs to speak to you


Part of what makes this event so enjoyable will be the comaraderie 


Our aim is to have fun and make this a memorable event for all

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a heightened state of focus and awareness where your focus becomes concentrated to the experience. Clinical hypnosis (opposed to stage show hypnosis for entertainment purposes) is similar to meditation in that you are calm and relaxed, yet meditation is intended to calm and clear your mind where hypnosis is intended to work at the subconscious level and be open to suggestions for change that you provide to a well-trained hypnotist.

Can I be hypnotized?

Yes because every person naturally goes into hypnosis nearly every day. If you have ever been "lost" in the pages of a good book or were so deeply engrossed in a movie or even a story over a campfire where you could imagine yourself in the scene and everything around you is ignored, you were in a state of trance which is hypnosis. It is important to trust the process and allow yourself to experience hypnosis rather than analyzing it.

What is a future life progression?

A future life progression is where, under hypnosis, you imagine progressing into your future either in this life or a future life. It is an opportunity to  mentally guide, direct, and attract into your life what it is you desire. If it is helpful, imagine creating a vision board inside of your mind and attracting it towards you by using all of your senses and calling it towards you like a magnet. With the expert guidance of the trained hypnotherapist, you will be able to imagine all aspects of your future while igniting all of your emotions so that the Law of Vibration can assist the Law of Attraction to work for you.

What if I can't paint?

No need to worry about this at all. First, Stephanie is a talented artist AND a teacher, so she will prepare you as best as possible. Also, this artwork is for YOU. The purpose of the painting project is to visually capture your experience from the past life regression in whatever way you want to. Maybe you will paint a picture of a scene that stuck with you the most? Maybe it will be a list of words that reflect what you felt during the experience? Maybe it will be something that screenshots the experience for you in a way that you will remember the details and integrate what you need into this life so you can continue to grow and evolve.

What do I need to bring?

During the hypnosis we want you to be comfortable and relaxed. Therefore, bring a yoga mat or a blanket to lay on and a pillow. If you desire to bring a second pillow to put under your knees, please bring two pillows. Bring an open, curious, loving, non-judgmental heart.

What is provided?

All of your art supplies will be provided for you. We will have light snacks and beverages available.

Meet Your Facilitators

Connie Jo Holmes is the owner of BU2BFULL Hypnosis and Coaching located in Janesville, WI. She is an award-winning hypnotherapist, certified life coach, health coach, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) specialist, international speaker, keynote presenter, and is a published author of 4 books. She sees clients in her office in Janesville as well as online via Zoom.

Connie Jo Holmes

Stephanie is the owner of Stephanie Locchetta Art in Cambridge, WI and the owner and founder of Anew Vintage Dream Creative Studio. She is an abstract artist as well as a self-love and transformation coach. She is the "I AM" creator along with the Founder of Ignite YOUR Vibe: Self-Love.

Stephanie Locchetta

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