Struggling to Find Clients?

Then Meetup is the social media tool you want to check out! It is quite under utilized, has a ready-made audience of people interested in your key words, and you have an opportunity to get in front of your target audience so they can know, like, and trust you -- the key ingredient before most people will buy from you.

I will show you all the ins and outs with Meetup, provide useful suggestions on how best to utilize it, and give you all my strategies I have used to massively grow my audience, content library, and credibility! It is because of the content I have created for my Meetup group that I have been hired to provide weekly mindfulness mastery classes at an addiction rehabilitation center, was able to support my corporate client with putting together a personal development mentorship program, and have ready-made content for collaborations with local, like-minded businesses.

I have been using Meetup since 2020. I have approximately 2,000 members in my group. Every time I host a meeting, I am in front of my target audience, giving them massive value while learning directly from them what their pain points are, how they communicate about their challenges, and what it is they desire instead. Understanding all of this first-hand allows me to better attract my target audience and gain clients when I communicate in other channels. 

Not only did 24% of my clients come from Meetup in 2022, 14% in 2023, but I have also developed a massive content library, have a variety of lead magnets created as a result, have mastered converting clients, have fine-tuned my presentation skills, and have established myself as an authority to my target market while building credibility.

What You'll Learn with This Product:

Discover how I have utilized this social media platform since 2020 to an audience of approximately 2,000 members!

How I am got 26% of my clients from this social media platform in 2022, and 14% in 2023.

How I have grown a massive content library and how this has enhanced my business.

How I have endless content for e-books and lead magnets.

How I have positioned myself as the subject matter expert.

How I have made additional money from this platform.

How to repurpose everything that you use.

How to attract your target market and convert them to paying clients.

How to structure your Meetup group.

How to speak in front of your target market while growing your speaking skills.

What You'll Receive with this Product:


A 45-minute recorded PowerPoint presentation video that features me showing you all my inside information.

Step-by-Step Guide

A 4-page, detailed, step-by-step guide which includes specific details about my Meetup group, the cost of Meetup, how I run my group, how Meetup works, and how I leverage Meetup.


A one-page overview titled, "9 Steps to Build Your Business and Impact with Meetup."

Who is This For?

Anyone who has asked, "Where do I find clients?"
Any service provider who is looking to build their content library
Anyone who is interested in getting in front of their target audience
Anyone who desires to grow their speaking presence
Anyone who is looking to increase the number of events they host

About Your Instructor

Connie Jo Holmes is an award-winning hypnotherapist (named 2022 Hypnotist of the Year by MidAmerica Hypnosis Convention and 2023 Hypnotherapist of the Year by the Michigan Hypnotherapy Guild), author, international speaker, hypnosis certification trainer, certified life coach, and certified health coach. Connie offers her specialized expertise as a lifestyle designer helping clients align their mind, body, and spirit to live a balanced life and go from reacting to life to owning your life! In addition, her 30 years of corporate managerial and leadership experience supports her expertise with self-leadership, personal organization, life planning, and strategic goal-execution. 

Connie has specialized training as an anxiety and panic specialist and in removing negative emotions and limiting beliefs. With this specialized training, she can help her clients reset themselves for a life of confidence and momentum. Coaching self-acceptance and confidence is the foundation for all that Connie does. 

The values from which Connie lives and works are: integrity, gratitude, resourcefulness, courage, leadership, and helpful.

What people have to say about Connie Jo Holmes with BU2BFULL Hypnosis and Coaching:

If you are looking for words such as impactful, open heart, personalized approach, 5-Stars, amazing, insightful, lasting effect, incredibly thorough, and tailored sessions, then you will find them on my Google Business Page and Facebook business page reviews.

Video Testimonials

What It's Like to Work With Connie

Business Coaching Testimonial

Connie's Teaching


Connie did a great job providing a keynote address and learning opportunity for our region's funded partner kick off meeting. Her words were impactful and the message was exactly what we hoped for -appreciation for the past year's work and accomplishments and inspirational and motivational for the year ahead. Highly recommend!

Leslie E

Director of Grants, Planning and Program Development

Intellect and Empathy

I have had the pleasure to work with Connie Jo Holmes and the services she provides through BU2BFULL, Inc. over the last year. She leads with a great attitude and executes with a combination of intellect as well as empathy. Connie has led several of our executive meetings as a professional coordinator and strategic planner. I would highly recommend her for any such services your organization may need and am thrilled to give her my 5-star recommendation.

john dinardi

John D



Connie is the only person who could fill the role of life coach in my life with such empowerment, warmhearted caring and ease. I own a successful small business and with her guidance for the past two years I have been able to release past behavior and thought patterns that were pain inflicting....additionally, she strategizes with me on implementing life habits and skills that allow me to continually follow my own dreams and happiness through a business mindset and a personal perspective.

Melissa A

Business Owner

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A little about my professional experience: I am a certified life coach with Life Purpose Institute, a certified hypnotherapist with the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) and the International Certification Board of Coaches and Hypnotists (ICBCH), a hypnosis training instructor with ICBCH, a health coach, author, keynote presenter, and a person with 30 years of corporate and non-profit managerial experience. I am also an ordained minister.


Disclaimer: Hypnosis is a stand-alone, self-regulated profession and not a licensed medical profession. Hypnosis and Coaching is a natural and focused process to help you achieve the results you desire. Results vary and are different for each individual because we all have different life experiences. Your success will be contingent upon: your ability to follow instructions, personal follow through, and your desire for change. You are responsible for your experience and Connie Jo Holmes and BU2BFULL, Inc. do not accept responsibility for your experience. By reading content on this website or using these services, you agree to hold harmless Connie Jo Holmes and BU2BFULL, Inc. Hypnotherapy is not designed to be a replacement for medical assistance. If you are need of medical assistance, please contact your appropriate medical or psychiatric professional.

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