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Straighten Your Crown
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At the Queen Bee Institute you will awaken to what is possible for your life; empower yourself to know you are capable, ready, and deserving; and learn to lead by example within your own hive.

We’ve got a ton of content for you. Start designing your life as a masterpiece, inspiring passion and purpose into living a fulfilling and joyful life. Receive these gifts during this fantastic day.

Become a Queen!

September 30, 2023


The Crosse House

133 W Main Street, Sun Prairie, WI







10:00 AM

Transformation Countdown

What is the Queen Bee Institute?

Queen Bee is a purpose in and of itself. It is a colony that will protect you while you learn to empower yourself. The Queen Bee was very intentionally chosen. Think of everything that a Queen Bee is:

1.  The mother of most (if not all) of the bees in the beehive
2.  The leader of the colony
3.  Orchestrates order, fulfillment, and productivity within the hive
4.  Responsible for the world because without her worker bees everything would perish
5.  She can be as sweet as honey
6.  She can also sting you right now
7.  The Queen Bee never questions her title because she knows she is worthy
8.  The Queen Bee unapologetically is THE QUEEN!

ALL of the above is what the Queen Bee Institute is about. An institute to teach you to awaken the queen inside of you, empower you to stand in your divinity, and lead by example for all the rest of humanity. It's time to claim your title, embrace the truth of who you are, and OWN your birthright!

The institute will provide you with love and encouragement, faith and belief, and skills and resources. We are beginning with live retreats and will soon include a podcast, books, merchandise, and so much more.

What to Expect at a Queen Bee Retreat

Your Crown is Waiting!

Don't miss this incredible opportunity. 

Why "Straighten Your Crown" Retreat?

You can live years, even decades with an obstructed view of the world. Believing things that are false to be true, holding fast to things that don't really matter -- until the day your point of view is so thoroughly rattled that you finally see what's possible for you on the other side of fear.

This can be a breakthrough moment. It's a shift in your understanding of the world because the lens through which you view it has been suddenly, gloriously changed.

The breakthrough is the beginning, but living the epiphanies is what matters. Breakthroughs happen often. It is much more rare to see someone actually putting their new insights into practice. After the breakthrough the work required to sustain it in the face of life's experience can feel insurmountable.

It's important to eliminate whatever threatens to re-cloud your vision. It will not feel good to close your eyes to what you have been exposed to because when your thoughts change, your mood changes, and then your life will change. You will be living in a whole new world, not because you've gone to new places, but because you're looking through new eyes.

What You'll Receive


to be your authentic Queen Bee self.

Tools and resources...

to continue to evolve as a  Queen Bee.


through identifying your blocks  and learning to love all of yourself with confidence.


built by newfound values from becoming your own best friend.


by knowing yourself, you live vulnerably and open to the world around you.


to your divine nature and how powerful you actually are.


through connecting to a new tribe that will support, understand and love you. 

Retreat Details

You will be awakened. You will become empowered. You will lead by example.

The facilitators of this retreat bring to you a variety of expertise and modalities, including shamanism, coaching, meditation, relaxation services, hypnosis, and so much more! For this reason, the retreat will open and close with an intentional ceremony. We ask that every attendee bring a bouquet of flowers. It does not matter if it is a large or small bouquet or store bought or yard picked. 

Light breakfast snacks, lunch, and beverages will be provided.

8:30am = registration (light morning refreshments, juice, coffee, and water provided)
9am = retreat launch
12pm = lunch (a light, healthy lunch and water provided)
4pm = time to fly



Invite ourselves as we are

Swarming Together

The group effect


Let's create a buzz

The Power of Oneness

Awakening to yourself


Consciousness is love

After Lunch Stretch

Stimulate your mind and body

Expansion and Manifestation

Building your hive

Moment of Renewal

Creating your swarm

Intuition, Trust, and Wisdom

Creating your own honey

Your Crown is Waiting...
Don't miss this incredible opportunity!

Meet the Queen Bees

We were brought together because one insightful woman sensed that our relationship with one another could be a magical experience. Our relationships began over coffee. Women coming together to meet and connect. From the start, we embraced each other's uniqueness. Respect, love, and trust were quickly and unspokenly apparent. We then met a second time within 24 hours for a most magical experience to solidify mutual values, interests, passions, and goals. Some of which are: 1) love of knowledge 2) love of community 3) selfless service 4) dreams.

Christine Kotlowski

Lifestyle Coach, Author, Fitness Instructor, Speaker, and Meditation Guide

I'm Christine Kotlowski and I am a Lifestyle Coach, Author, Speaker, Podcast Host and Meditation Teacher. I absolutely love people and my life's work has been dedicated to learning and growing mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually so that I may confidently coach and train others. My work focuses on helping people improve their lifestyle habits in terms of positive mindsets, movement and nutrition. My clients gain self awareness, learn how to truly love themselves, become their own best friends and live with joy, high self-esteem and a renewed sense of freedom.

I have a diverse background and together with my husband, we have started and developed many businesses over the past 25 years. My personal favorites are a day spa & salon, a fitness center and now Silverado Wellness Center. I utilize my skills and expertise in a variety of ways to help people experience results that they never imagined where possible. I have worked with individuals to successfully achieve: weight loss, physical and mental strength, peace of mind and proper nutrition to fuel bodies and minds. It has been a fantastic opportunity to work with thousands of people via personal coaching sessions, group fitness classes, workshops and retreats.

In 2016, I created the Rise Up Online Course. It is a life improvement experience where members build lifelong, lasting, positive habits. When you take the course, you are guided along a step-by-step journey. You explore a variety of topics, utilize worksheets for inspiration and insights and develop new awakenings so that you build your masterpiece of life. Since starting this course, hundreds of people have improved their lives and have experienced incredible results. My favorite compliment is when my clients believe more in themselves, increase their confidence, have improved relationships, feel more energetic and are more joyful.

My greatest loss was when my mom passed away. I struggled with grief for more than a decade and I detail my journey through loss and the ten steps that helped me thrive once more in my book, "My Mom's Gone, Now What?" I hope you find comfort and peace by reading it.

I live each day to the fullest and am an active, faith-filled woman, who enjoys spending time with my family and friends, travel, dance, yoga, music, writing and meditation. I devote my time to philanthropic causes to help children in need. I live in Wisconsin with my husband, Tim and we have three children, Austin, Chase and Myranda and an adorable maltipoo, Bentley.

I look forward to sharing insights with you. You can follow me on a variety of social media platforms, including "Friends Up Front", our Podcast on Spotify.

Connie Jo Holmes

Award-winning hypnotherapist, Author, International Speaker, Hypnosis Certification Trainer, Certified Life Coach, Certified Health Coach. 

Hello. I am Connie Jo Holmes and the Founder and CEO of BU2BFULL Hypnosis and Coaching. My mission is in my company name: BU (self-acceptance) 2B FULL (to live a fulfilled life). Intentionally spelled as it is so it resembles the word beautiful because, when individuals think better they feel better and they do better. I offer my specialized expertise as a lifestyle designer helping clients align their mind, body, and spirit to live a balanced life and go from reacting to life to owning your life!

Within my company, I am an award-winning hypnotherapist, master life coach, health coach, published author, keynote speaker, trainer, and workshop facilitator.

I have specialized training as an anxiety and panic specialist and in removing negative emotions and limiting beliefs. With this specialized training, I can help my clients reset themselves for a life of confidence and momentum. Coaching self-acceptance and confidence is the foundation for all that I do, including my business name, BU2BFULL, and my book titled, “Be YOU to be Full: Learn the Art of Self-Acceptance for a Life of Confidence and Fulfillment” which can be found on Amazon as a paperback and e-book.

I have a wide variety with 30 years of corporate experience across non-profits, manufacturing, and family business. In these roles I served as the executive director for a private foundation, family governance manager, associate director of community relations, and a co-chair of a national council. In these roles, I mastered my skills with volunteer management, governance structure, community relations, project management, strategic planning, and leadership. All of these skills are brought forth in the work that I do with individuals and businesses.

The values from which I live and work are: integrity, grateful, courageous, helpful, resourceful, and leadership.

Jennifer McFarlane

Shaman, Witch, Coach, Reverend

Hello, I am Madame Jennifer, psychic, medium, shaman, & witch. I have been aware of my abilities my entire life, having used them professionally for 20 years. I believe that we are all gifted with more than 5 senses, we just were not taught how to use them. 

I have a passion for helping people to see themselves and their lives in a new light. A passion for revealing the programming that creates self imprisonment, in turn giving permission to live an authentically happy life. 

I do choose labels that sometimes create fear, it is my intention to help you to move past these fear blocks, and live a more open minded life. You will instantly feel safe with me, my character and integrity will show there is nothing to fear. I believe everything is energy and that everything is connected. 

I am an experienced energy worker/reader/healer with a passion for balancing people mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. All things are connected, in changing one thing you will change everything, and I take great pride in changing people's lives. 

Lastly, speaking to my relatives was the first thing that I realized was a gift, I knew being able to talk to my grandmother after her passing was special. I believe we are all able to do this, and I live for teaching people how they already do this! It took me my entire life to understand myself, I know that journey is eternal. I have a deep passion for assisting others in their personal growth by sharing what I know through intensive research, personal experience, and my intimate connection with the other side.

May my presence give you permission to live unchained,
Madame Jennifer

Testimonials from our customers

The Queen Bees are pro's at bringing people together in warm, loving, open environments, ideal for awareness of self, connection with others, and interpersonal healing. Here are what some of our respective clients have to say.

What a lovely, thoughtful and inspiring lady Connie is. Her kind spirit lights up a room and you are embraced with it. Connie is a blessing as a coach and friend. I recently attended one of the retreats at her home. Her hospitality and care is so real. The retreat was a wonderful personal time for me to reflect, search and confirm. The meditation walk was amazing - so fulfilling and uplifting.

Thank you Connie!

Barbara S

Rise Up is an amazing health & fitness program that will help you kick-start some great habits that you deserve to do for yourself! I love that she touches on all aspects that are important for a healthy lifestyle; starting out with rising up in the morning and moving our bodies right away, as well as the importance of healthy eating, hydrating, positive self-talk, asking ourselves some important questions and self-reflection, as well as setting a positive mindset each day, and most importantly, being our own best friend. So many programs only focus on one of these important activities, but true healthy living needs to connect Mind, Body, and Soul, and that’s exactly what Chris does in Rise Up 21! I love it so much; I am
on my third session with her and haven’t stopped exercising since day one of the first session! She is truly inspirational and makes the
program enjoyable and workable for all fitness levels using a variety of tools from cardio and strength training workouts, to yoga, meditation and self-awareness worksheets that really get you thinking about yourself, and making healthy lifestyle changes, which help you to create new healthy habits! I love her upbeat, positive personality, and she always has a smile on her face, and I look forward to my Rise Up 21 emails each morning! Thank you for a fabulous program Chris!

Traci W

Jennifer has a natural gift in all that she does. She has helped and supported me immensely with her gifts. In addition to her innate abilities, what I appreciate and admire so much is that you feel safe and protected with Jennifer. She has a knowingness to her that exudes trust and confidence and that is delivered in a straight-forward no-nonsense way, which I appreciate and believe to be essential in the work that she does. My specific experience with Jennifer is both her psychic medium abilities and her shamanism work. With her shamanism, she blessed and protected my offices where I see clients in person and via Zoom. I was in awe at the clear intention and ceremonial approach that was done so respectfully and artfully. I have also been working with Jennifer to tap into and grow my own psychic abilities and natural intuition. She makes you feel comfortable, safe, and confident because she is a natural and has a loving, kind, and encouraging delivery. I wish there was a better way to express in words the safety and protection you feel when you are around Jennifer. As I type this, I am imagining stepping into my Grandmothers warm embrace and feeling loved and protected and knowing that everything will be all right. THAT is what it is like to work with Jennifer!


Here is a quick list of how and what I learned about me: 1. I really need to workout, either virtual or in class where I am held accountable; 2. 10-minute morning stretches are the bomb!; 3. who knew how helpful and wonderful meditation could benefit your soul; 4. finding gratitude and mindfulness helped me find ME. The program gave me a workbook to create a plan for how to relocate my business and no longer commute and have more time for me. Thank you, Chris! Your program is as good as a person makes it. I worked all of it. I made a dream cone true, lost a few pounds and got back to the gym. I lost 3 pounds over the three weeks and I know they will stay off! I am doing awesome with meditation and I am so amazingly grateful.

Barb B

Connie is the only person who could fill the role of life coach in my life with such empowerment, warmhearted caring and ease. I own a successful small business and with her guidance for the past two years I have been able to release past behavior and thought patters that were pain inflicting. I was unable to clear this deep pain and sadness on my own that would normally turn into a chronic cycle of depression. She has guided me through several beautiful hypnosis sessions (she is so good at what she does!) and each time I emerge feeling more connected to a truer part of myself. I no longer feel held back by past experiences of abandonment, grief, and abuse that previously trapped me with feelings of unworthiness. She has guided me to go after my best life unapologetically. I now feel and see that my life is blessed in worthiness in all area. Additionally, she strategizes with me on implementing life habits and skills that allow me to continually follow my own dreams and happiness through a business mindset and a personal perspective. Lastly, here book is an easy read. I recommend it. It helped me release past negative experiences I forgot I was holding. I will forever be grateful that I found my forever coach. Thank you, Connie!

Melissa A

This is one of the hardest testimonials to write because I genuinely cannot express my gratitude for Jennifer. Her ability to listen, have compassion, and hear you in a way that you feel entirely understood is impressive. She is not going to tell you what you want to hear. She takes growing you as a person seriously. She had helped me individually for years to see beyond myself, stay calm in times of stress, and give it to me when needed. She understands trauma, addiction, patterns, etc. Jennifer is helping me through what I thought was the end of my relationship. Spirit guided her to step in in a way I never thought was possible. We are just starting, and I can already see significant improvements. I can't wait to see where this takes us individually and as a couple. She can stay neutral, coach, and direct where things need to be handled. She is a coach, a best friend, and a rock-solid person. My partner also was highly impressed and felt very comfortable talking to her. I know it is a complex challenge for men to feel safe enough to share their feelings. I would hire her over and over again! We will never forget all that she has done for us. When I lay my head down at night next to my soulmate, I have gratitude for Jennifer knowing she saved us from separation and heartbreak. We were stuck where we could not see it alone.


Your Crown is Waiting!

Don't miss this incredible opportunity!

Where to attend the retreat

The Crosse House

133 W. Main Street

Sun Prairie, WI