Discover your Sacred Self...

Coming soon!!!!!! (August or September, 2024)


a journey to connect you with yourself

Sacred Self Retreat at Sacred Acres

A sanctuary for generational healing for your journey of discovery and enlightenment

Whether you are looking for an opportunity to reconnect with yourself, provide an opportunity for self-healing, release generational traumas or belief systems that may be holding you back, or simply want to get away for several hours, this retreat is for you and offers a journey to connect you with yourself.

Connecting with Self

With a variety of independent and group activity, this day is for YOU for self-discovery and enlightenment.

Time with Mother Earth

Rain or shine, Sacred Acres provides plenty of space to connect with Mother Earth on this 100+ year homestead.


There will be plenty of time and space for solitude as well as opportunities for connection with others.


Your Timeline to Inner Peace

3pm: Arrival, spiritual cleanse, and tour
3:30pm: Group guided meditation to set intentions
4pm - 6pm: Independent rotation through the following:
1. Guided walking meditation customized to Sacred Acres
2. Creation of personal mala beads
3. Designing of personal prayer boxes
4. Mirror of the soul activity followed by journaling
5. Personal reflection time to write your prayer box requests and write your releasement desires
6pm - 6:30pm: Group breathwork hypnotic experience
6:30pm - 7:15pm: A casual, healthy, robust dinner
7:15pm - 9pm: Celestial Celebrations to include:
1. Campfire drum circle
2. Releasement ceremony
3. Stargazing
4. Intuitive movement on Mother Earth under Father Sky
5. Group discussion and sharing

Discover your Sacred Self at Sacred Acres

Welcome to the Sacred Self Retreat, a haven of tranquility and spiritual renewal nestled within the serene embrace of my farm, Sacred Acres. As the sun rises over rolling fields and the gentle hum of nature fills the air, we will gather to embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and connection.

Here, amid the lush greenery and open skies, we honor the sacred space within each of us. This retreat is not just a pause from the bustle of daily life but a return to our true selves, a ceremonial path that leads us inward and connects us with the profound rhythms of the earth and our own spirits.

Throughout our time together, we will engage in practices that ground us in the present moment and open our hearts to the divine. We will walk barefoot on the fertile soil, breathe in the fresh, crisp air, and allow the natural beauty around us to mirror the beauty within. Our day will be filled with mindful activities with each moment designed to nurture our bodies and souls.

As we come together in this sacred space, I invite you to release any burdens you carry and open yourself to the healing energy of the land and the collective sisterhood. Let the gentle rustling of leaves and the whispering winds remind you of the interconnectedness of all life. Here, under the vast sky and in the company of kindred spirits, we will celebrate our strengths, embrace our vulnerabilities, and honor the divine feminine within us all.

I invite you to begin this journey with an open heart and a spirit ready to receive. Welcome to the Sacred Self Retreat!

This Event is for you if...

You need to reconnect to yourself

You want to fill your soul with self-love and divinity

Your mind, body, and spirit needs to be in balance

You are carrying generational trauma or belief systems you want to release

You would like time for self-discovery

You want to spend a day in the country and out in nature

You need to fill your cup


Your Questions Answered

What do I need to bring?

An open, loving heart, dress comfortably, wear comfortable shoes, dress in layers to accommodate fluctuating day and evening temperatures.

Will food and beverages be served?

A light, healthy dinner will be served that will include a variety of foods to please any appetite as well as most food restrictions. If you have a very specific food restriction, either bring your own food or contact the hostess so that accommodations can be made. Plenty of water and lemonade will be available throughout the day.

I see there is a drum circle. I have my own musical instruments, can I bring them?

Of course you can! The more music the merrier. 

What is Sacred Acres?

Sacred Acres is the 100+ year homestead that I own with my husband that we purchased in 2022. The land is warm, welcoming, and healing. The barn is ample, cozy, and abundant, providing the ideal sanctuary for Sacred Self retreats.

What can I expect?

Expect a warm welcome that is ceremonial and sacred in nature, which will include an energy healing so everyone in attendance is here with loving, uplifting energy and intentions. We will have a mix of group activities as well as independent time to rotate through different activities. The space is large enough that if solitude is needed for inner work, you will have that available to you. The timeframe was carefully chosen so that both daylight as well as the sun setting can be utilized throughout the retreat and our different activities.


Your Serenity Expert

I am privileged and honored to share my sacred acres with you for the sacred self retreat. Not only is there were I live with my husband and critters, it is also where I teach individuals to confidently and courageously move from reacting to life to owning their life with my BU2BFULL Hypnosis and Coaching business. 

This property, although much of it now updated, is more than 100 years old. The sacredness of this land is an ideal location for your generational and personal healing as you journey to reconnect you with yourself.

Connie Jo Holmes, CLC, CHt

This Event is for you!

Join us for this incredible event that is planned with your self-discovery in mind.

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