I'm Showing People How to Raise Their Vibrational Energy and You're Invited, too!
Rise and Shine!

Understand the law of vibration so the law of attraction can work for YOU!

Friday, September 15th from 6-9pm
Forward Janesville Office, 14 S. Jackson Street, Suite 200, Janesville, WI
Light refreshments will be provided

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Raise your vibrational energy to create the life you desire

It is possible to attract what you want into your life. 

You just need to learn how!

I will show you how to live magnetically through your thoughts, emotions, behavior, and action to create the life you desire.

I invite you to Attract What You Desire Into your life today

Have you tried everything to move your life in the direction you want, but you just haven't reached it yet?

Are you tired of being stuck and not reaching what you desire in your life, relationships, and career?

Are you ready to be one of those people who seem to be able to attract anything into their life? 

Do you desire to live your best life for you and your family?

Do you desire to be in control of your thoughts, behavior, actions, and life?

Are you ready to control your emotions instead of your emotions controlling you?

Do you want to know how to generally feel better in life and not let low moments keep you down?

Then this event is for you because you will receive all the above and more!

This event is brought to you by a person who has lived magnetically since 2009 and has been teaching it since 2018. I bring to you experience as a certified hypnotherapist, certified life coach, certified health coach, and neuro linguistic programming specialist.

This event will include

Science Backed Data

Yes, this information can sound "woo-woo" but it is all scientifically backed.

Neuro Linguistic Programming

The words you use are the foundation to the life you live. Change your words to change your life.

Mindset Skills

Our thoughts create our reality. Learn to train your mind to represent the life you want to live.

Personal Growth

If you are not growing, you are falling behind. The skills you will learn will help you in all aspects of your life.


A handbook will be provided and yours to keep so that it is easier to maintain your progress and continue to rise even higher.

Proven Strategies

All of what will be shared with you have personally been used by me for years, and are documented strategies of others.

A Guided Meditation

We will end our evening with a guided meditation that will solidify all that you learned during the event and allow you to imagine and experience your future, ideal self.

Benefits of Attending

I will provide you with a blueprint and instructions on how to create the life you want

You will have a thorough understanding of energy, vibration and frequency

I will share with you proven strategies on how to raise your energy, vibration, and frequency

I will introduce you to the concept of language patterns and how to use them

I will teach you mindset mastery skills to keep you productive, grateful, and forward moving

You will be given a handbook to assist you in sustaining your growth and continued learning

I will share how the words you use frames the life you live, including sharing a list of words to completely remove from your vocabulary

You will learn the importance of gratitude and how this practice increases your consciousness

I will introduce you to the scale of consciousness and how emotions either expand or contract you

What to Expect During the Workshop

(a very high-level overview of the structure)

Hour one: An overview of the vital importance of our words and thoughts, understanding our emotions and how to get to the root of them, an introduction to the scale of consciousness, and an opportunity to "workshop" an incident that has been holding you back so that you can let go and raise your energetic vibration.
Hour two: Through creative play you will identify what you want to attract into your life, why you want it, and who you will become once you reach it. Then, after identifying emotions and thoughts that match what you desire, strategies on how to vibrate at that frequency will be shared and explored.
Hour three:  Since thoughts = emotions = actions = your life, and when you desire for something you need to see it, believe it, and feel it, we will do a variety of group activities for you to claim and capture what it is you desire. 

An Introduction To Your Facilitator

Hello! I am Connie Jo Holmes, the founder of BU2BFULL Hypnosis and Coaching. I moved to Janesville in 2022 and own and operate my business full-time. I help individuals to confidently and courageously move from reacting to life to owning your life. 

Understanding and utilizing your vibrational energy and increasing your frequency is a great way to own your life!

Your Lifestyle Designer

My mission is in my company name: BU (self-acceptance) 2B FULL (to live a fulfilled life). Intentionally spelled as it is so it resembles the word beautiful because, when individuals think better they feel better and they do better. Within my company, I am an award-winning hypnotherapist, master life coach, health coach, published author, keynote speaker, trainer, and workshop facilitator.

I have specialized training in anxiety and panic as well as with reframing negative emotions. I teach individuals how to confidently and courageously move from reacting to life to owning your life. In October 2022 I was named “Hypnotist of the Year” for outstanding leadership in the hypnosis profession from the Mid-America Hypnosis Convention, the longest-standing hypnosis convention celebrating its 39th year.

I have a wide variety of corporate experience across non-profits, manufacturing, and family business. In these roles I served as the executive director for a private foundation, family governance manager, associate director of community relations, and a co-chair of a national council. In these roles, I mastered my skills with volunteer management, governance structure, community relations, project management, strategic planning, and leadership. All of these skills are brough forth in the work that I do with individuals and businesses.

I can be reached at cholmes@conniejoholmes.com with any questions.

Tickets Will Sell Fast - Secure Your Spot Today

This event will be limited to 25 individuals, so don't delay with signing up.

All you need to do is bring your beautiful self to this event.
A handbook will accompany this event and will include space for you to take notes.
Beverages and light snacks will be provided.

What People Have to Say About Working with Connie

(reviews from past retreats)

"Connie Jo is a great coach! She brings certified techniques and tools that clients can continue to use and tap into long after the coaching session is done. Connie also has a healthy and positive outlook that is grounded in common sense so you are empowered to apply your learnings to all aspects of your life. Highly recommend."

Sandra P

"What a lovely, thoughtful, and inspiring lady Connie is. Her kind spirit lights up a room and you are embraced with it. Connie is a blessing as a coach and friend. I recently attended one of the retreats at her home. Her hospitality and care is so real. The retreat was a wonderful personal time for me to reflect, search, and confirm. The meditation walk was amazing - so fulfilling and uplifting."

Barb S

"I absolutely loved Connie's seminar that I attended. Not only did I walk out of there feeling inspired, but I also walked away with a whole new attitude on life! I would give 10 stars if I could. If you're considering doing a retreat, don't hesitate one bit. So worth it!"

Kelsey M

"Absolutely a 5 star experience. I recently attended one of Connie's retreats and afterwards felt refreshed, clear in my focus, and inspired to move forward. If you are looking for clarity in life, check out her Facebook page."

Carole P

"Connie has a way about her that everyone can relate to her and what she's teaching. Her desire to pursue this dream of hers is very evident in the workshop. I wish I knew her and had this, many, many years ago. I'd be a much smarter and happier person, but it's never too late."

Arnetta M

"I have worked with several coaches over the years, but I never received the results that I received from working with Connie. She is incredibly thorough, detail oriented, and goes above and beyond to help you. She is kind, professional, and listens carefully to learn what results you are wanting to achieve. Loved working with Connie, and I plan on working with her again in the future."

Karen H

Tickets Will Sell Fast - Secure Your Spot Today

This event will be limited to 25 individuals, so don't delay with signing up.

All you need to do is bring your beautiful self to this event.
A handbook will accompany this event and will include space for you to take notes.
Beverages and light snacks will be provided.

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