Who you surround yourself with is vitally important. It is also imperative to seek thoughts, feedback, and advice from people who are living their best life. They don’t have to be doing exactly what you desire to do, but they do have to do something that once scared them.

When people suggest to you that you can’t do something, it is a reflection of their limited thinking and not your skills, drive, or expertise. This is why you surround yourself with open-minded, curious, driven individuals because they see what is possible rather than what isn’t possible.

These individuals guide you differently. They see your motivation and positive intent and it reminds them of how they first started and became successful. When you share your dreams with individuals who stay in their comfort zone, they only see risk and fear. Be mindful to talk with people who know and understand how to stretch themselves and realize the importance of curiosity, planning, stamina, evaluation, and implementation.

Once you reach your goals, remember to give back by being a cheerleader and way-shower for others.

Everything in life comes full circle. So, remember to be flexible and giving so the circle of a positive life flows easily.

Written with love and well wishes,

~Connie Jo Holmes