Like most businesses, my company has a kitchenette area where there are coffee pots. The coffee in these coffee pots is consumed by employees and, therefore, needs to be made by employees. Like most of you, it seems like EVERY TIME I go to get coffee the damn pot is empty. Like most humans with a beating heart, when this occurs I say very ugly words under my breath and oftentimes not under my breath hoping that the selfish, lazy, inconsiderate, moronic, jerk of a slob who took the last drop will hear me.

When this happened to me again today I immediately got pissed. I thought about going to the other location across the building where there is an automatic machine and leaving the empty pot behind for the next poor sucker. But then something clicked inside of me and shoved my pissed-off attitude to the side and it was replaced with forgiveness and a desire to use the coffee pot to set an example. I smiled while I made the pot of coffee.

I smiled while making the pot of coffee because I thought to myself that if more people would have the attitude to “just make the damn coffee!” this world would be a much better place. When we make that pot of coffee we are giving of ourselves for someone else to enjoy something of a benefit. What is wrong with that? Maybe we don’t make it because we took the last cup and say to ourselves, I’m not going to have anymore, so I won’t make another pot. Well, you just took something that someone made for you, so why don’t you give that same gift to someone else? It is no different than letting the merging car in front of. Yes, they may have seemed a bit like a dick head by speeding up next to you, but how many times have you done that to another person yet you were permitted to merge in front? And how thankful were you when you were running behind and needed that little gift?

I could go on and on with different scenarios, but I hope everyone gets my point. The world will be a much happier place if everyone would have the attitude of “just making the damn coffee” and realize that it really is nothing off of your back and is the simplest act of kindness that you are grateful for when there is a freshly-made pot of steaming hot coffee just waiting for you to pour into your favorite mug and start your day.

Drink up, Baby!

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