What have you been dreaming of and working towards that is soon about to blossom? I love to look at seasons, similar to how I look at goals.

Winter = you are sometimes forced to stay indoors, take things slower, and have time to think and reflect. So with this perceived extra time, you are able to think more, plan more, and decide what you want to do once you are better able to. To me, this is similar to setting a new goal or an intention.

Spring = this time of year (early spring) can be messy and ugly and muddy. Things don’t look too pretty, and you can literally be slogging through mud. It can make work more difficult, take more time (more clean up), and seem gloomy. To me, this is what some goals can feel like – trudging through difficulties, finding your footing, not seeing the beauty of your vision (goal) yet.

Summer = this is beauty, baby! The grass is green, the sun is shining, the days are longer, what you planted in the spring is beginning to flourish, and there is more activity taking place. To me, this is when your goal is beginning to pay off. You are literally seeing the fruits of your labor. Your hard work is showing its results.

Autumn = this is when you fully enjoy your harvest. This is the payoff of your hard work. What you planted has been successful, and you are stocking it away for future use. It has come full circle. You can now celebrate and enjoy your fulfillment. To me, this is the completion of your goal. You made it, and all the effort was worth it. You can now carry this goal, learning a new skill, etc. with you forever for future use.

Winter = take it easy. Rest. Rejuvenate. Decide what your next big goal will be. Rinse and repeat. Follow Mother Earth’s beautiful blueprint!

Written with love and blessings to all reading this,

~Connie Jo Holmes

P.S. If you need support with getting started, send me a PM because I’m really good at this stuff! 🙂