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"My Well-Balanced Life" Annual Membership

...align your mind, body, and spirit for a balanced life

In this exclusive annual membership, you'll discover the secrets to a well-balanced life and learn the simple strategies to live a well-balanced life that will move you from reacting to life to owning your life.

This annual membership will be led by a mind, body, spirit specialist. With certifications in hypnotherapy (mind), health coaching (body), and life coaching (spirit), I am well-versed in how to align yourself in each of these areas.  Join today!

This is where you start your journey to a well-balanced life by aligning your mind, body, and spirit for a life of confidence and fulfillment!

Are you feeling: Lost? Stifled? Frustrated? Bored? Out of alignment?

    If so, this journey can help! 

    We will dedicate four months to the mind, four months to the body, and four months to the spirit. This will be a deep dive on each section, solidifying each one fully to ensure balance and fulfillment in your life.

    What We'll Cover on This Journey

    A three part resource providing the bold action to start going deeper and changing everything!


    Your mind  creates your reality as it is the thoughts in your mind that create the emotions you feel that lead to the actions that you take. 


    Your body is what gets you around in life physically. The more efficient and operable your body is will be a reflection on your everyday life.


    Your spirit is your aura, vibe, essence, character, and the energy that you exude. Your spirit is felt by you and others.  

    More Highlights From The Annual Membership

    We will dedicate four months to each section. Each month will be dedicated to a different area within that section (see below). With the material being spread out throughout the year it allows you time to do each portion thoroughly and completely. This way, at the end of your annual membership you will have all of the below done to prepare you to begin your well-balanced life of confidence and fulfillment.
    The mind section will include:
    1. Be mindful of your mind
    2. Learn how to smash any goal you set now
    3. Learn how to build mind muscle
    4. Want more freedom in your days? Develop a schedule today.
    The body section will include: 
    1. Discover six secrets to a healthier body
    2. Step-by-step ways to eat healthy
    3. Imagine a body that is always in motion
    4. Step-by-step ways to change a habit
    The spirit section will include:
    1. Discover how your spirit is a reflection of your well-balanced life
    2. A secret to understand yourself and your spirit
    3. Understand how your values impact your spirit
    4. Imagine life as a free spirit
    Your Membership starts as soon as you join. No need to worry about when you begin, because mind, body, and spirit is all inter-connected. There is no beginning or end. At whatever point in the year you join, you will go through a full cycle.

    What This Journey will Include

    2-hour classes once/month

    Access to me

    A private Facebook group



    Recordings of each class

    Membership site on my website

    Interactive classes to learn and grow from everyone

    Plenty of opportunity for Q&A

    About Your Instructor

    Connie Jo Holmes

    Founder and CEO, BU2BFULL Hypnosis and Coaching

    Connie Jo Holmes is the Founder and CEO of BU2BFULL Hypnosis and Coaching. Her mission is in her company name: BU (self-acceptance) 2B FULL (to live a fulfilled life). Intentionally spelled as it is so it resembles the word beautiful because, when individuals think better they feel better and they do better. 

    Within her company, she is an award-winning hypnotherapist, master life coach, health coach, published author, keynote speaker, trainer, and workshop facilitator.

    She has specialized training in anxiety and panic as well as with reframing negative emotions. Connie teaches individuals how to confidently and courageously move from reacting to life to owning your life. In October 2022 she was named “Hypnotist of the Year” for outstanding leadership in the hypnosis profession from the Mid-America Hypnosis Convention, the longest-standing hypnosis convention celebrating its 39th year.

    Connie has a wide variety of corporate experience across non-profits, manufacturing, and family business. In these roles she served as the executive director for a private foundation, family governance manager, associate director of community relations, and a co-chair of a national council. In these roles, Connie mastered her skills with volunteer management, governance structure, community relations, project management, strategic planning, and leadership. All of these skills are brough forth in the work that she does with individuals and businesses.

    Connie Jo Holmes
    Connie Jo Holmes
    rising star finalist

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    Investing in yourself is one of the best ways to learn, grow, and evolve. Becoming a more dynamic version of yourself for you, your family, friends, and career, is a gift to you and all around you. 

    When you think better, you feel better, and then you do better. This all starts with aligning your mind, body, and spirit for a fulfilled life!

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