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Polarity Creates Appreciation

Polarity Creates Appreciation

There are ups, and there are downs. There is good, and there is not so good. We have high highs and low lows. All of this is considered polarity. Polarity creates appreciation.

A rainy, gloomy day makes you appreciate a warm, sunny day. When that warm, sunny day lasts all week, and it allows you an opportunity to get outside to work and play, after several days when you find yourself needing a break, you welcome the return of the rainy, gloomy day so you can curl up inside and relax with a good book or your favorite movie.

Not taking a vacation for a couple of years makes you appreciate being able to visit and explore someplace new. On that last day of vacation, you are excited to squeeze in all the glory a vacation provides, yet you are ready to come back to the comforts of your home.

Walking outside in bitter coldness makes you appreciate strolls in the mid-day sun. When walking and sweating in the middle of summer, it reminds you that the colder weather walking gives you a different type of energy than the hot, sweltering weather walking does.

Whatever the polarity example, everything comes full circle. Rain to appreciate the sun. The sun to appreciate the rain. Tears to appreciate laughter. Laughter to appreciate tears. What appears to be a high could be a low. What appears to be a low could be a high. Never judge, and never stay in that judgment until you know the polarity.

Sent with love,

~Connie Jo Holmes