My time saving trick for the week couples with suggestions for eating right.

Make a menu for the week, for all meals, and then grocery shop accordingly. If you work a typical Monday through Friday job, 9-5, I suggest doing as much cooking, assembly and packaging on Sunday night as possible. I have been doing this for years and it feels so good to never ask again, “What should we have for dinner tonight?” Another great benefit to doing this:  when you shop for only what you plan to eat that week, you save a lot of money on groceries and you do not waste food.

Some concrete examples:

  1. If you plan to have veggies and hummus as your afternoon snack throughout the week, cut up the vegetables you plan to eat on Sunday night and separate into individual baggies or containers for each day.
  2. If you plan to have hard boiled eggs for breakfast or a morning snack throughout the week, boil up all that you need for the week on Sunday night and take what you need to work with you each day.
  3. Lunch time salad eater? Then cut up all the vegetables you plan to add to your salad on Sunday night and section them off per day for the week. Do the same for the protein you plan to add. It is so easy to cook it up on Sunday night, then cut it up into the different portions you will need for the week.
  4. Every morning before you leave for work, grab all of your food for the day and you are good to go.
  5. By doing all of this on Sunday night, you are literally done for the week and don’t have to think about your meals for the day, you get out of the house quicker, and you don’t have to do this chore every single night.

Good luck and much happiness!

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