As I spent yesterday in my yard nearly all day I had plenty of time to think. I purposely did not listen to music or a podcast or anything. I just had my own voice and my own thoughts in my head.

I am very fortunate in that I live on a beautiful 10-acre farm. The original builders and owners of the house planted hosta plants under every single oak tree in the yard, which is 22! I am so thankful they did this because they are absolutely beautiful and the hostas nicely set them off. It is my privilege and sincere joy to clean them out every spring, removing the leaves from them, weeding, and picking off the dead flower shoot. I enjoy it because it is such a huge difference in how they look before and after and in a few hours worth of work I get to see my accomplishment.

While getting my hands dirty I kept thinking to myself how rewarding springtime really is. Even if you live in a climate with no winter or a very mild winter, springtime is always a time of freshness and rebirth. For those of us who live in climates where winters are move severe, the clean-up from the winter months can be painstakingly long, but it always releases a new, fresh beauty. It is so rewarding to see the first pops of color from the flowers and trees, reminding us of just how beautiful life and the cycle of life really is.

This is much like our lives can be, especially if we just went through something harsh (such as a winter) in our lives. Spring is a time of re-birthing and starting a new cycle of life. As humans we can do this too. We might be a bit mangled, weedy and not so beautiful, but once we spend a little time on ourselves we are our beautiful selves again. And oftentimes even better and stronger because we have weathered a storm and deepened our roots in the process. There is nothing to be ashamed of when you are transitioning into the next phase of your life. Just as the stem from the tulip bulbs knows it is to pop through and to grow towards the sun, your soul knows its purpose and you need to allow it the time and space to develop and flourish.

So here is to wishing you a beautiful, prosperous and very healthy springtime as you blossom into the next phase of your beautiful life. ¬†Remember…be you to be full….be yourself in order to a lead a fulfilling life. You are enough!

Love and Blessings, Connie Jo Holmes


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