Sometimes in life, we are curious about what is out there, what’s around the corner, and what is waiting for us on the other side of where we currently are.

Do you check it out?

How much time do you spend thinking about it?

Does it make you excited?

Does it make you dream and wonder?

If yes, what is holding you back?


The unknown?

The what-ifs?

No support system?

Why do those things outweigh your excitement and curiosity?

Aren’t you capable?



A fighter?

What is wandering with no movement costing you?

Your trust in self?

Your heart’s desire?

An improved future?

Your dreams?

Maybe even a piece of you and your soul?

Is that worth not taking the first step?

Only you can decide. Only you will ever know. But whatever you do, do it for you. Yes, change can be scary. However, safety with a heavy heart feels much different than following a dream with the lightness that only love and happiness, and joy can provide.

Go off, conquer, and be well!

~Written with love and blessings

Connie Jo Holmes