The word energy has many different meanings. Energy is electricity and something that keeps the lights on. Energy is something that children seem to have endless amounts of, definitely way more than adults it seems. Energy is something that you can have and you can use. Energy can be wasted. Energy can be saved or reserved. Energy is also something that you can steal from someone and something that you can exude and you can give to someone. Energy can be a being.

For the context of this blog, I am referring to the energy inside each of us. The energy that makes up our spirit. The type of energy that I strive to have as positive, soft, warm, loving and compassionate. It is my hope that people become aware of their energy and how important this is for themselves and those whom they encounter on a daily basis.

The Loving Energy:

We know these people as those with the positive, warm, loving energy. We look forward to seeing them. We feel as though our soul just received a hug from them when we are in their presence. We feel safe. We feel loved. It is such a warm feeling and we have a smile on our face and in our heart when we cross paths with them.

The Fast-Paced Energy:

These are the people that are fun-loving and full of physical energy. They flit in, flit about and flit out again. They are fun and interesting and usually very funny when they are around. We look forward to seeing them as well. When they leave we feel uplifted and happy with a bit of “what just happened” look on our face. Since they have such a high and fast spirit, they leave us a bit tired for trying to keep up with them, but that is balanced by the happiness they quickly brought us.

The Low-Key Energy:

The people with the low-key energy are the ones that you want to tell them to just go back to bed and try it again. They sludge along and don’t have enough energy to even try and have a good day. They have a “meh” attitude to themselves and everyone around them. Although you want to try and help them find some energy and something to look forward to, nothing really works and in trying to help them you are zapping your own energy. Not that you still don’t want to try and help, but definitely limit the time that you commit.

The Vampire Energy:

These are the people who, no matter what they do — actually, I am convinced they don’t even try anymore, all they know is negative energy — their energy is dark. The danger with this, though, is that their energy is so dark and they are dark themselves (whether on purpose or not) that they suck the energy right out of you. Unlike the low-key energy people where you can usually get your energy back immediately, the vampire energy types literally suck your positive energy right out of you. You do not want this. Once you know who these Vampire Energy folks are, you want to at all costs limit your time around them.

It is important to know your energy and to recognize that it does fluctuate. Although I consider myself a high-energy and positive-energy person, I know I have days where I am low energy. I think part of this is just to be human, but to be aware of your energy, especially when you are with others, is to be fully in-tune with yourself and your surroundings. A way to help ensure that you stay on the positive side of energy is to get enough sleep, eat right, exercise, and honor your commitments. When you do not do these things, you feel a sense of guilt and that guilt causes negative energy.

I recently read a book and in it this person recounted their story of being sick. They talked about being in the hospital and experiencing the different people that treated them and the energy that each of them had. It was very enlightening to hear from a patient’s perspective how this affected their healing and desire to heal. The medical staff that came into the room with a soft, caring voice; a gentle, appropriate touch; looked them in the eye and spoke directly to them; showed immense patience; and truly cared about their comfort and needs were energies that were polar opposite to the energies that came whizzing into the room; spoke fast and loud and sharp; were impatient; and didn’t even begin to try and acknowledge their comfort or well being. It is ALWAYS important to know your energy and to try and adjust it to the environment you are in, but after reading this story, nothing rang more true than in the medical field. The energy you exude is so vitally important for that person’s healing.

I realize there are days that our energy is more positive than others. I also realize that we have the capacity to recognize that and to alter it if and when necessary. It is our responsibility to be conscious of our energy that we carry around and bring to every person and every situation that we encounter.

So, here is to good energy, a productive day, love in our heart, and a good night’s sleep!