You know how it feels when you don't like someone, whether it is a feeling you have or a result of something that happened between the two of you? Depending on the situation and where you are in your life and forgiveness path, the feelings and reactions could be:
1. Disdain
2. Avoidance
3. Resentment
4. Distance
5. Fill in with your own awful-feeling word

So, when you don't like yourself, are you treating yourself the same way? The difference is there is no escape from this since you live with yourself every day.

Now think about those people in your life who you love. I don't even want to say unconditionally love because love is love. There should be no conditions tied to love! Everyone makes mistakes in their life. Everyone has been selfish at certain times in their life. Everyone has been in pain in their life. This includes you. When someone you love is not acting loveable, you ask them about it. You desire to get to the bottom of it to figure it out. You work through it together. You don't stop loving them.
This same tactic needs to be given to yourself! You did something stupid - make amends, apologize, change your behavior, learn and grow through it, share your experience to help others. Just as you would with someone you love, you would love them through it and realize this was a moment in time in their life, it is not a moment that has to define who they are as a person.

When you love someone you treat them with:
1. Acceptance
2. Joy
3. Happiness
4. Care
5. Compassion
6. Enthusiasm
7. Encouragement
8. Support
9. Ease and grace
10. Respect
11. Fill in with your own beautiful-feeling word

This is what you receive when you love yourself. When you treat yourself this way, you are well-equipped and experienced to treat others this way. Your energy is more positive and your vibration is higher. THIS is what you are giving yourself, exuding to others, and it represents how you see the world.

Can you imagine if everyone did this? THIS is why loving yourself is so important and why it is NOT selfish!

As I say with my company name, BU2BFULL. Be you to be full - accept and love yourself to live a fullfilled life. No one will be with you for every breath you take except for you. For that reason and that reason alone, you better love yourself and love yourself damn good!

If you need help with loving yourself, I am your girl! THIS is what my business BU2BFULL Hypnosis and Coaching is all about!

With love and blessings,
~Connie Jo Holmes