Years ago I had a birth chart reading done (trust me…I will do a blog on that in the future!), and a couple of things the astrologer said will always stick out with me. She said one of the purposes of a birth chart is to know what makes you tick, and where you are your own best friend and where you are your own worst enemy. But no matter what, you are beautiful just how you are. How wonderful of an outlook is this? It is great because it gives you the confidence to know that you are already standing on a great foundation, so any adjustments you make for yourself for an improved life will be icing on the cake.

Before I go any further it is important that I interject my definition of beauty. It is NOT in the vanity sense of how a person looks. Beauty, to me, is so much more than that. A definition that I found is, “having beauty; possessing qualities that give great pleasure or satisfaction to see, hear, think about, etc.; delighting the senses or mind. A beautiful dress; a beautiful speech.  How I like to think:  A beautiful soul! A second definition is excellent of its kind. A beautiful putt on the seventh hole; the chef served us a beautiful roast of beef. How I like to think: I love seeing the word excellent in the definition because BU2BFULL is about identifying your own sense of excellence, turning that into confidence, and being fulfilled with yourself as a person.

This is where the tagline of “you are enough” came into play too. It is important for everyone to know that you are fully equipped with all that you need in this life. All that you need is already inside of you. Therefore, you ARE enough. I want to remind people to be themselves and to love themselves. Once people do this they will have a full life — Be You To Be Full! Even if you are working on certain aspects of your life (everyone does and at many points throughout their lives too), you are beautiful right now….you are just working to be even more beautiful!

Like so many others, I strive to have the most fulfilled life I can. I am certain fulfillment has a different definition for many of us. For me it means to be grateful for what I do have in my life, it means to work hard and know I give everything my all, it means to be kind, it means to give love and receive love, and it means to help others where and when I can. My entire adult life (actually starting as early as 14 years old) I have read inspirational books and messages and have naturally followed people who want to help others have a great life. I am very much inspired to do the same. However, my underlying message will always be to accept yourself.

There are times that we can be “under construction.” Think of it like a major highway being under construction. Yes, it is inconvenient. Yes, you wonder if you can take an alternate route. Yes, you count down the days until it is finished. But just like actual road construction, once it is done it is great and you are so thankful that you were patient because it was worth the wait. It is no different for us humans. Be patient with yourself and remember to love yourself in the process.

My plan for these blogs will be to tell my every day stories in all their crazy, glorious, touching, funny, and stupid ways that life happens to all of us. The underlying purpose for all of it will be to remind us that it is important to BU 2B FULL! Hopefully writing about it in a “journaling” type of way might make it more memorable and resonate with more readers.

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Let’s take this ride together.

Please share this blog if you are so inspired. Until next time…

Love and Blessings, Connie Jo


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    • Kristin

      Connie I love this!!! You are so talented I love reading all your blogs!!

      • ctegeler

        Thank you, Kristin! I am really enjoying this a lot! Thanks for reading!

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