My wish is for every person reading this right now to understand how true this statement is. You cannot have a positive life with constant negative thoughts. You cannot move forward while sitting still. You cannot continue to receive blessings and gifts while not acknowledging and appreciating what you have already received.

If you are feeling a bit stuck in life, it’s probably because one or more of these steps are missing.

Tired of spinning your wheels?

Get a clear vision in your mind of what you desire, how you want to feel tomorrow, and/or who you want to be in this life. Know and trust that you are deserving of this, you are capable, and that you can be, do, have, and give all that you can see in your mind. Your mind has to see it to know where it is going. The positive thoughts raise your vibration and lead you to want to take action to get to your next step.

Without positive thoughts and a vision of a positive future, it would be easy to stay stuck and not take action. You don’t know where you are going to take that first step without seeing the direction you want to go. The action further increases your vibration.

Gratitude for everything is essential. Your negative thoughts are beginning to change – yes! Be thankful! You are starting to dream again? Hell yes! Be thankful that brick is starting to lift from your shoulders. You took action and moved forward, even in the tiniest of ways. Perfect! Be thankful for the confirmation!

You know how you give someone a gift, and you never hear boo from them? Compare this to the person who acknowledges the gift. Who are you more inclined to want to give more in the future? The Universe is no different. When it sees you are being given all these gifts and you don’t seem to care, no more energy goes that direction. That vibration is lowered because there is no movement or awareness happening. When you see all gifts in front of you, even the repeated ones (i.e., sunsets, your dog who wants to be walked and she keeps you moving and healthy in the process, a breeze at just the right moment on a hot summer day), the Universe smiles broadly and wants to give you, even more, to be grateful for. This creates a massive vibrational shift that circulates beauty in your life at a level you cannot imagine.

Don’t believe me? Please begin today to prove me wrong. I guarantee you won’t even remember this very moment because if you are reading this saying, it is full of crap. That is a low vibrational energy. Once you start on this path and spiral upwards from being stuck, your vibrational energy will be so high that you can’t see the low energy anymore.

Start today. Time stops for no one.

Shared with love,

~Connie Jo Holmes