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The entire premise of BU2BFULL is to love and accept yourself and live a fulfilled life as a result. Pretty darn simple yet seems so hard for most to do. I have struggled with this myself in many ways, but those days are over and I am so much more joyous and fulfilled as a result. I want to help others realize their value so they can start living a BU2BFULL/beautiful life!

The BU2BFULL project will leave you inspired, motivated, more confident and independent. We will learn how to realize your value and worth, even if you are working to change certain areas of your life (because we should be constantly growing and evolving anyway); what really matters and what you can disregard; how to develop self-confidence; the importance of being independent; tips on how to be courageous; and how to not worry about what others think.

The BU2BFULL project can be joined in whatever manner speaks to your soul, including:

  1. A 4-week online class that will be scheduled via Zoom from 7-8:30 pm Central on February 4, 11, 18 and 25, 2020. Held with a minimum of 10 attendees, the price is $179/person. To reserve your spot by January 20, 2020, please register here:
  2. If we live within 75 miles of each other, a private workshop held in your home or my home (Northern Illinois) for an all-day workshop with you and several of your friends. Guaranteed to be fun, lively and laid back, the day will fly by while connecting you even closer to your friends who will be invited to this private workshop. The price of 6 or more individuals is $75/person. The price of 4 or more individuals is $100/person. To learn more, contact me via email.
  3. A personal one-on-one coaching session that can be done in person or over the phone for 6, 1-hour sessions for $480. To learn more, contact me via email.


I am a lifestyle designer to support you with creating a life of endless possibilities in your heart, home, and career.

Are you tired of struggling? Is it hard to continue to see other people seem to “have it all” while you barely get by? Well, no more! The time to create your life of endless possibilities starts here.

As women, we have so many responsibilities: spouse, children, career, your health, friends, family, kid’s activities, your looks, exercise, continuing education, and maybe some time just for you. Just typing that made me tired…so how do we do it all? It’s not easy, but it is doable. Especially doable when you get focused, set priorities and organize your life for success. THIS is where I can help you! Previous clients have experienced:


  1. How to set up daily, healthy and inspiring routines to get everything done
  2. Learning time management and prioritization skills
  3. Mastering organization and planning skills


  1. Increased self-esteem and self-confidence
  2. How to set a vision
  3. Methods to identify strengths and passions
  4. Identifying personal values
  5. Stopping limiting beliefs and bad habits that hold you back
  6. What it feels like to instill positive habits and daily routines
  7. How to build a successful and fulfilled life


  1. How to transition careers
  2. The art of working with difficult people
  3. Managing multiple direct reports
  4. Reporting to multiple supervisors
  5. Effective and direct communication skills
  6. The art of persuasion
  7. How to become a leader in many areas of their life, especially at work


life coaching | career coaching | hypnotherapy | group classes | online courses | workshops | retreats| guided meditations | hypnosis recordings | speaking engagements


The beautiful thing about coaching is that we can do it anywhere! Face to face if we are close to each other (I am in Northern Illinois), over the phone, or over the computer (Zoom or Skype) so we can see and hear each other and record the sessions if you would like.

Hypnotherapy can be done in person or over the computer (Zoom or Skype).


Why Not? Don’t you deserve a life of fulfillment and success? Yes, you do! This is your life and no one but you can make it great. No matter how busy you may be, the fact is that you need to take care of YOU first. When a person is healthy in mind, body, and spirit, it is so much easier to live a life of greatness and to support those who rely on you.


To learn about my pricing and packages, and to have an initial discussion to ensure our compatibility, please complete this very brief intake form. Thank you!