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There is no better way to begin to love and accept yourself than by knowing who you are, what you enjoy in life, what you are good at, and how you want to give back. Even if you are not happy with your past, reviewing the good, bad, and ugly is a vital first step in understanding yourself.

People who live very fulfilled lives are a mystery to most, yet everyone can achieve this. Coaching with me informs you exactly how you can find fulfillment by following seven strategies and completing success-minded tasks.

Are you ready to be YOU and love YOU again?

Do you want to live a life of confidence and be a fulfilled individual?

I offer individual life-coaching, professional hypnosis, and training classes to men and women, teens and families, and company's and communities. Use the "Book Free Session" tab at the top of this screen to schedule your FREE 30-minute strategy session with me.

Professional Hypnosis and Life Coaching with Connie Jo Holmes

I am a certified hypnotherapist and a certified life and health coach. Because of this trifecta of training with the mind (hypnotherapy), body (health coach), and spirit (life coach), I position myself as a mindset specialist who can help you align your mind, body, and spirit for a well-balanced life. When our life is balanced, we are better able to go from reacting to life to owning life.

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A little about my professional experience: I am a certified life coach with Life Purpose Institute, a certified hypnotherapist with the National Guild of Hypnotists, a health coach, and a person with 30 years of corporate and non-profit managerial experience.

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